Solarvest appoints Daniel Ruppert as chief investment officer to drive investment strategies 

  • Appointment reaffirms Solarvest’s devotion to its clean energy expenditure strategy
  • has more than 15 years of experience in business administration and investment banks.

Executive director and group CEO of Solarvest, Davis Chong (left) & Daniel Ruppert, chief investment officer, Solarvest

With effect from July 1st, 2024, local clean energy specialist Solarvest Holdings Berhad announced the appointment of Daniel Ruppert as its main investment officer.

The company stated in a statement that this visit confirms its commitment to advance its investment strategy in the clean electricity sector, both regionally and vertically. Through new and brownfield investments throughout Southeast Asia, Solarvest aims to have 1GW of fresh energy assets as part of its five-year plan. This proper visit is expected to expand the group’s international business expansion, further develop Solarvest’s position as a leading clean energy player, and drive innovation in green solutions.

Executive director and team CEO of Solarvest, Davis Chong Chun Shiong, said,” In early 2022, we introduced a five-year strategic strategy with an overarching purpose to spark exponential rise in the renewable energy industry through EPCC, property rights, and the development of a clean energy ecology. To promote this goal, we are delighted to welcome Daniel Ruppert. He will be very important in accelerating Solarvest’s efforts to promote regional leadership and promote green growth across different sectors. Ruppert is a useful addition to our team, positioned to lead our expense initiatives because of his thorough knowledge and active participation in the green energy sector.

Ruppert brings over 15 years of experience in investment banking and business control, with a significant track record in the Technology, Media, Telecommunications, and energy fields. His knowledge will help to guide Solarvest’s investment plans and help it advance its progress trajectory.

I’m honoured to be a part of Solarvest and play a role in driving this change because we are in a very interesting time when the energy transition propels important progress in Southeast Asia. We  intend to diversify with numerous investments in clean energy infrastructure beyond our present solar pipeline, which is 6. 1 GWp. We will welcome administrative and impact investors to meet our growth journey and take part in the economic returns as part of our expense strategy,” Ruppert said. &nbsp,

He added that Solarvest will likewise do co-investment partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and shared projects. With the company’s proven track record in renewable, he said Solarvest is ready to become a larger person in Asean’s energy system.

Ruppert’s fresh role includes clean electricity property acquisitions, portfolio management, risk management, and proper money planning. He is now looking for Asean location investment opportunities for different clean energy technologies. This encompasses solar, wind, electricity, biogas/biomass, power store, energy efficiency, and the EV habitat.