Singapore has ‘moved very far towards better social safety nets’ over last 20 years, says PM Lee

Singapore has 'moved very far towards better social safety nets' over last 20 years, says PM Lee

SINGAPORE: Singapore has “moved quite way towards better interpersonal health nets” over the last 20 years, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

ComCare, which was launched in 2005, combines existing societal programs to better assist those in need, as an example.

Workfare was introduced in 2007 to substitute lower-wage staff ‘ wages, and the Progressive Wage Model followed in 2012 to support both income and career advancement.

Other initiatives, according to Mr. Lee, include strengthening security measures under the Central Provident Fund ( CPF)-mandated mandatory insurance plan MediShield Life, which assists Singaporeans with hospital bills.

A national disability insurance program focusing on long-term treatment costs, CareShield Life, and CPF Life, both have their own retirement suitability programs.

” These are all ( the ) things which we have done, all within the last 20 years. It is very considerable”, said Mr Lee, who has been Prime Minister since 2004.

” Of course, individuals will often state’ Please complete more’ and we will stay on improving”.


Before handing the league to Lawrence Wong and his successor, Mr. Lee, he was speaking to the local press in his last interview as prime minister on May 15.

When asked what prevents Singapore from achieving a welfare state in its effort to become a more diverse culture, Mr. Lee cited financial boundaries as one factor.

” You ca n’t do it if you do n’t have the money,” he said. You might want it, you might think it’s good, but you ca n’t afford it.