Singapore footballer Song Ui-young puts aside South Korean family ties for upcoming World Cup qualifier

Singapore footballer Song Ui-young puts aside South Korean family ties for upcoming World Cup qualifier

His involvement in the game has a special significance because of how significant it was to his mother’s passing a few years earlier.

” All that day she gave up for me when I was younger to accompany me in sports and education. It was her purpose to see me perform for the national squad, but it’s unfortunate that she’s not ok with us”, he said.

When Tsutomu Ogura announced the regional club lineup earlier this month, the Balestier Khalsa centre-back received his second Lions call-up.

I want to let instructor Ogura know that I’m a trustworthy person and that I can perform well consistently. He stated that his long-term goals are to strengthen my position on the federal squad and receive frequent calls.

Emaviwe hopes to win his first foreign seal on Thursday in front of a sold-out home crowd. Despite facing a much more powerful opponent, the keeper stated that he wants to contribute to the team.

” This is a dream come true, I love playing football. The ( South Koreans ) play in very, very good leagues and I’m excited to test myself against them and see where I stand”, he said.

” The electricity from the crowd may be exhilarating. We all want to deliver a performance that will make our fans pleased.


South Korea has a long history of being one of the best team in Asia. It is already ranked 23rd in the world, over 100 sites above Singapore’s 155th.

The Taegeuk Warriors are coached by world leaders Lee Kang-in and Lee Heung-min of Paris Saint Germain. &nbsp,

Thousands of local followers flocked to Tottenham’s Singapore pre-season helpful in July of last year to see South Korean international Son.

More than 40 000 people are expected to watch the David versus Goliath matchup between Singapore and South Korea this time around because tickets are sold out for the World Cup qualifier.

” Somebody says it’s very difficult to win against South Korea”, said Song. ” Maybe maximum one point, but we do n’t know in football what’s going to happen, right”?

” We’re preparing very hard and we’re going to put the most energy into the game. We want Singapore followers to think happy of Singapore football”, he added.


In the future game, Singapore’s Japanese head coach Ogura will have to compete against some of the best players on the planet and the universe.