Red Bull tycoon sues senator over bribe claim

Red Bull tycoon sues senator over bribe claim

B50m in damages are sought for comments made on a TV show about the” Boss” hit-run case.

Red Bull tycoon sues senator over bribe claim
Chalerm Yoovidhya and his family are ranked second by Forbes magazine on its” Thailand’s 50 Richest” list with a net worth estimated at$ 33.4 billion as of July 2023. ( Photo: Pawat Laupaisarntaksin )

The Red Bull energy drink billionaire Chalerm Yoovidhya has filed a libel petition for 50 million baht against a legislator and a TV network over alleged corruption.

Mr. Chalerm objected to a talk show where it was claimed that the community had paid a 300 million ringgit pay to protect Vorayuth” Boss” Yoovidhya from prosecutors after the younger man’s Ferrari tragically hit a Thong Lor police officer in 2012.

On Tuesday, Ampol Kaewpan, a solicitor for Mr. Chalerm, fined the slander lawsuit brought by the TV host Ubonrat Thaonoi and former Metropolitan Police Bureau key Sanit Mahathavorn. The lawsuit asks for 50 million ringgit in damages.

Forbes magazine placed Mr. Chalerm and the Yoovidhya family second on its” Thailand’s 50 Richest” list, with a net worth estimated at$ 33.4 billion as of July 2023.

On the communicate show that aired on February 29, Pol Lt Gen Sanit was asked to discuss the infamous hit-and-run situation involving Red Bull heir Vorayuth.

Mr. Ampol claimed that during the show, it was made that the Yoovidhya community had paid about 300 million ringgit to save Mr. Vorayuth. Eventually, some divisions were published on TikTok.

The attorney claimed that the claim was untrue and fabricated, which has damaged the Yoovidhya family’s status.

Additionally, Mr. Ampol wants the jury to command the defendants with conspiring to distribute a false advertisement. He urged the piece to apologize on the website and information program, on TikTok, and in full-page newspapers advertisements for seven days straight.

The plaintiffs ‘ lawyers also requested that the accused immediately delete the picture from TikTok. Citizens who made comments on the shared video that threatened to tarnish Mr. Chalerm’s reputation may even face legal action, according to Mr. Ampol.

Mr. Vorayuth has been on the move since his Ferrari on September 3, 2012, struck and killed a Thong Lor authorities agent.

Since then, many claims against him have been dropped, including one involving a driving offense after its one-year statute of limitations expired in 2013. A second one, regarding failing to assist a accident victim, expired in 2017.

The only remaining demand is foolish travelling that causes death, which has a 15-year statute of limitations and carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. It will disappear in 2027.

Following a deadly customers accident in early September 2012, Vorayuth” Boss” Yoovidhya shows up at the Thong Lor police station in Bangkok for questioning. ( Bangkok Post file photo )