SATS splits airport ground handling services business into Singapore and Asia-Pacific units

SINGAPORE: Exams has split its aircraft floor handling services company into Singapore and Asia-Pacific units, in a bid to generate business development. &nbsp,

The Singapore-based business recently restructured to create two new divisions, the Singapore Hub and Gateway Services Asia-Pacific, in a press release released on Wednesday ( July 10 ).

Gateway Services Asia-Pacific may focus on boosting the group’s market share in Asia Pacific by managing businesses in foreign terminals, while The Singapore Hub will rely on boosting Singapore’s aircraft gateway profitability.

Henry Low, SATS’s chief operating officer, may take over as Singapore Hub’s CEO. Bob Chi, the latest CEO of Gateway Services, may be renamed CEO of Gateway Services Asia-Pacific. Both meetings will take effect on October 1.

Probes is the world’s largest supplier of air goods management services, among other services.

Speaking at a media conference on Wednesday, Mr Chi said his goal will be to expand&nbsp, the unit’s footprints, &nbsp, adding that it already has a reputation in 44 sites across eight countries&nbsp, in the Asia-Pacific area.

” We are in very fine businesses now. For example, in India, we are in partnership with the Tata Group and the natural expansion itself is tremendous”, he said.

There is already a sizable potential for growth because they are adding 450 plane to their fleet over the coming decades.

Mr. Low stated that his top priority will be to provide the team with the tools and technology necessary to deliver high-quality support on time. &nbsp,

SATS CEO Kerry Mok responded to questions about how the reform may impact the company’s existing jobs, saying that the business was still hiring “aggressively” and that there are no layoffs.

” Part of the reform is to help us to click into the skills swimming that we have here,” said Mr. Mok.

” We are trying to partner with universities, as well as polytechnics and ITE ( Institute of Technical Education ), to actually create a stream of, hopefully, Singaporean talents that we bring into our company and give them the opportunity to also experience overseas posting”, he added.