Russia Kazakhstan floods: High water levels swamp Orenburg houses

Russia Kazakhstan floods: High water levels swamp Orenburg houses
Flooding on the outskirts of Orenburg cityEPA

Landslides in the Russian capital of Orenburg have raised water levels two meters above important, leaving only the roof of some houses visible.

The town’s mayor urged some people to keep home, while sirens sounded.

In Orenburg, flooding is expected to reach its highest level on Friday, but neighboring areas are expected to experience flooding in the approaching days and weeks.

Kazakhstan has also been seriously affected, with 100, 000 persons evacuated from their homes in the last week.

The region’s worst flood has been reported in over 80 times, according to experts.

Next year, some streams- including the Ural, Europe’s next- largest- burst their banks. Between Russia and Kazakhstan, there is a range exchange.

Snow and ice are quickly melting due to the high temperature of the seasons, which are now being made worse by persistent rain.

The Ural river reached 11.43m ( 37ft ) in Orenburg on Friday. Specialists say that more than 10, 000 people have been evacuated it, and 11, 700 houses have been flooded.

In some regions, Mayor Sergei Salmin has demanded additional large emergency.

” Keep your homes quickly. The situation is critical, do n’t waste time”! He claimed on his Telegram network that the city’s lights were not a practice.

The town has a population of half a million and is about 1, 500km (930 yards ) southern- south of Moscow.

Water rates have fallen in Orsk, farther south and downstream of Orenburg. Last weekend, a pond burst in Orsk, where rare public protests were staged against lower payment offers and alleged failures by local authorities to save the reservoir.

The Ural enters the Caspian Sea after passing through northwest Kazakhstan, Orenburg.

The Ishim and Tobol streams are also at dangerous levels, and they are only expected to reach their maximum around April 23.

Kazakh rescuers with victim in Pokrovka, North Kazakhstan

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A large portion of northern Kazakhstan is threatened by flooding, and many of the rivers and pools that are overflowing.

A nearby pond in Petropavl on the Ishim valley in the region of North Kazakhstan was overflowing, possibly bringing down a main road between Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk.

According to local government Vadim Shumkov, the Belarusian village of Kaminskoye has been evacuated as a result of the Tobol’s rise of 1.4 meters immediately.

Kurgan, the provincial capital and metropolis of 300, 000, lies upstream and is also thought to be at danger.

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Mr Shumkov said a reservoir near the city was being reinforced.

In the Kurgan location and the neighboring Tyumen in eastern Siberia, states of emergency have been established.

There has n’t been anything on this scale in living memory, but flooding frequently occurs in this region of the Eurasian landmass when winter transitions to spring.

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