Pope Francis to visit Singapore in September

Pope Francis to visit Singapore in September

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore announced on Friday ( Apr 12 ) that Pope Francis will be visiting Singapore from September 11 to September 13.

” The Singapore state, the Holy See, and nearby church officials are still mulling over details of the visit. The archdiocese said that more details about the papal visit may be made gradually in the future.

Before Singapore, the Pope will be in Indonesia from Sep 3 to 6, Papua New Guinea from Sep 6 to 9 and Timor- Leste from Sep 9 to 11.

There were earlier studies that the Pope, 87, may attend Singapore in September.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore recently told CNA that while it was conscious of the “unconfirmed information” from the various Catholic papers, it had no idea that the Pope was visiting Singapore at the time. &nbsp,

Cardinal William Goh, the archbishop of Singapore, said:” It has been 38 years since we had&nbsp, a visit from the Vicar of Christ to Singapore, when Pope St John Paul II honoured us with a visit&nbsp, on Nov 20, 1986. &nbsp,

” It is my hope&nbsp, that this visit&nbsp, of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, &nbsp, may provide renewed&nbsp, fervour to&nbsp, all Catholics in Singapore, &nbsp, uniting them in trust and mission, particularly in these most difficult of times.”

Pope St. John Paul II visited the National Stadium in 1986 and there were a large crowd for the apostolic large there.

Aside from national commitments, Pope Francis is expected to be at a&nbsp, Sacramental celebration”, good “on Sep 12, said the archbishop.

As we prepare for His Holiness ‘ visit, the community should pray for the Holy Father’s continued health and safety and request the Lord to make a visit that was really important and grace-filled, it added.

The journey to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Timor- Leste and Singapore is a&nbsp, square journey of about 30, 000km.