Records broken as alumni grow 380kg pumpkin

Records broken as alumni grow 380kg pumpkin

Records broken as alumni grow 380kg pumpkin
A 380 kg large squash grown by Maejo University graduates is displayed at the Panawat Dhammakaya Meditation Centre in Chiang Mai’s Hot area. Up until Sunday, the center will host an agrarian fair. Panawat Park

Chiang Mai: Maejo University’s graduates in this northeastern province have produced Thailand’s heaviest pumpkins, weighing 380 kg.

Assoc Prof Weerapon Thongma, acting president of Maejo University, on Wednesday presided over the opening ceremony of this year’s “giant squash” show held by the school’s students at Panawat Garden in tambon Bo Luang in Hot area.

Assoc Prof Weerapon furthermore provided the alumni who hosted the show with funds for profession and agricultural growth at the meeting.

Maejo University’s speaking vice chairman, Pawin Manochai, and other professionals attended the ceremony.

A group of Maejo University graduates who work at Panawat Garden imported the fruits from the United States in 2020.

The alumni party has tested the species ‘ cultivation methods to improve the pumpkin’s ability to grow in Thailand and for educational purposes.

They claimed to have achieved a high-level of agriculture success this time, particularly given the 380 kg pumpkin’s record-breaking harvest.

Between April 1 and April 7, the large pumpkin show takes place at Panawat Garden.