Govt to compensate builders for curbed road works

Govt to compensate builders for curbed road works

According to Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit, the government has agreed to pay at least 1.59 billion ringgit in compensation to Rama II Road development project companies because they were constrained by their operating hours, which increased total costs.

Initial expectations for the project’s completion were June. The date appears to have been extended, though the Highways Department has mandated that contractors simply work when traffic is light for the protection of drivers.

The work’s overtime was slowed due to incidents that occurred as a result.

The companies argued that the companies ‘ shorter working days caused them to overspend and suffer from a tight budget.

Since February 3, all development work has to end at 9 p.m. and continues until 5 a.m., as opposed to clockwork.

The payment works out to at least 1.59 billion rmb, according to the secretary.

Additionally, according to Mr. Suriya, from following Thursday until April 17, contractors have been given the order to halt work and walk their products away from traffic lanes in order to accommodate visitors to Rama II Road during the Songkran event.

On April 11, 2013, 15, and 16, the roadway authorities announced a 38-kilometer part of Rama II that was prohibited for lorries. Between the 15th and 53rd kilometre signs, the restrictions will be in consequence.

Additionally, large car drivers have been asked to help with avoiding the road while Songkran is observed. They should use the left-most driveway, which is reserved for slow-moving vehicles, if they need to use it.