Israel war cabinet member Gantz calls for Sept elections

Israel war cabinet member Gantz calls for Sept elections

Netanyahu, Israel’s longest- serving prime minister, has consistently ruled out first elections, which opinion polls suggest he had shed, saying that to go to the polls in the middle of a war had only praise Hamas, the Islamist movement that ruled Gaza.

On Wednesday, Gantz’s Likud party stated that he must” stop engaging in petty politicians” while the battle is raging. ” Elections today will bring about numbness, section, damage to the battle in Rafah and a deadly blow to the chances of a prisoner deal”, Likud said.

Gantz, a former army general, joined Netanyahu’s authorities in the first days of the war as a sign of political unity during the crisis. His party would win any vote, and polls predict he would be the favorite to become top, according to polls.


Netanyahu has pledged to send the captives house and to end Hamas, but experts have no idea how Israel did manage to do so, and they doubt it is even possible. Israel’s unending air, surface and ocean abuse has killed more than 32, 000 Palestinians, according to Gaza health officials, and led to a charitable crisis.

According to Israeli surveys, the majority of Israelis approve of Netanyahu’s command following the Hamas-led attack on southern Israel on October 7, which resulted in the deaths of around 1,200 people and the hostage taking of scores, according to Israeli reports.

If kept intact, the second vote for legislature is set for Oct. 27, 2026, per Israel’s Central Elections Committee.