Putin’s visit to Vietnam casts spotlight on Russia’s influence in Southeast Asia


Despite having only improved relations with Washington last month, Vietnam is rolling out the red carpet for Putin amid criticism from the US government.

No country may provide Putin a platform to promote his battle of aggression, according to a statement sent to CNA from a representative for the US Embassy in Hanoi.

If he can travel freely, it might normalize Russia’s flagrant violations of international law and unintentionally send the message that atrocities is been committed in Ukraine and elsewhere without trial, worsening human suffering, and advancing lasting peace and justice, the spokesperson said.

We are unable to go back to normalcy or ignore the flagrant violations of international law that Russia has committed in Ukraine. For those concerned for battle crimes, there must be responsibilities.


Vietnam has maintained its previously friendly ties with the former Soviet Union, even as it aligns with the US in opposition to China.

When Vietnam’s conflict and nation-building came to an end, Russia’s support was crucial in that country’s history.

In the late 1950s, the US entered Vietnam to stop a socialist rule over the area. The war became incredibly unpopular in the US as Asian civilians became more and more frequently caught in the crossfire and British tactics became more brutal.

It is clear that Vietnam views Russia as an ally in the displays at the Vietnam Military History Museum, which is situated in the heart of Hanoi.

Vietnam’s shipwreck of British plane is next to Soviet-made missile systems and other military equipment used by Vietnam.

Nguyen Dat Phat, vice-chairman of the Vietnam-Russia Friendship Association, stated to CNA that the Soviet Union’s support was “great and significant because we wanted to conquer the South and bring the nation together through force and resistance.”

” We needed weaponry, weapons, fuel, and so on.”

Vietnam wants to show its support for Russia since well at this point.

It opted not to vote on UN proposals regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict and avoided the Ukraine peace conference last weekend.

The West has sponsored the draft proposals to denounce Russia. Abstaining, in my opinion, would mean avoiding joining Russia’s fight. That’s aid for Russia,” said Nguyen.