Political Islam: Hijab rules and segregated pools – religion reshapes social norms in Malaysia, Indonesia

Political Islam: Hijab rules and segregated pools - religion reshapes social norms in Malaysia, Indonesia


In Malaysia, guidelines on respectable clothes, checks on young couples, the closing down of 4D betting shops, and religious “moral police” by the authorities are making Ms Siti Kasim anxiety for her country’s potential. &nbsp,

The lawyer fears that the country’s officials ‘” Islamization” may gradually and surely alter the government’s way of life. &nbsp,

Miss Siti Kasim, an outspoken critic of Muslim religious government, said that the imposition of faith was becoming more and more prevalent in the country, used and promoted by officials.

” The issue is that these folks want to pass more regulations to impose themselves on us. Politicians demand that we adhere to this spiritual kind of morality, which we must do. These rules are being implemented by the institutions. But, it is part of political Islam”, she said.

Some of the policies of the states of Kelantan and Terengganu, which have long supported the Islamist party Parti Islam Se-Malaysia ( PAS ), have been put under scrutiny for their social practices. They were equivalent to spiritual police, claim critics.

Muslims make up more than 95 per cent of the people in state such as Kelantan and Terengganu, higher than the 63.5 per cent in Malaysia.

In July 2023 for instance, an operator of a shop in Kota Bharu- the investment of Kelantan- was fined RM100 ( US$ 21.20 ) for allowing her female employee to reduce the hair of a Muslim female customer.

A non-Muslim shop owner was summoned for breaking the council’s bylaw for “indecent clothing” by operating shorts in her store a month later. &nbsp,

The girl was pictured wearing a big t-shirt that covered her clothes. &nbsp, &nbsp,

According to Section 34 ( 2 )( b ) of the 2019 Business and Industrial Trade Bylaws, non-Muslim business owners and non-Muslim employees are required to dress in “decent clothes.” &nbsp,

Following a conversation with the regional government, the Minister of Housing and Local Government Nga Kor Ming announced that the call had been postponed following the incident. &nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp, &nbsp,

The Kota Bharu Municipal Council enforced and put into practice these rules, which purport to emphasize Islamic values, and likewise forbid advertisements that do not account for the humility of models.

In Kelantan, movies have been prohibited since 1990, the season PAS won the state, with several government staff claiming over the years that they could cause social problems.