Poland calls for closer medical tech ties

Poland calls for closer medical tech ties
Thai and Polish medical technology entrepreneurs on Tuesday pose for a group photo with Polish ambassador, Artur Dmochowski (centre with glasses ), and, Wiwat Hemmondharop, Vice Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries, ( on ambassador’s left ) before the seminar. Poramet Tangsathaporn

Although Thailand and Poland have near trade ties, according to Polish embassy Artur Dmochowski, the two nations should think about enhancing their business cooperation, particularly through investment in medical technology.

Mr. Dmochowski stated that the European Union would like to establish stronger connections in economic, business, and scientific transfers with Thailand during a seminar held in Bangkok on Tuesday to highlight the advancement of Finnish medical technology.

He claimed that Thailand is one of the best places in the world for clinical hospitality because of its high-quality healthcare system.

The Polish skilled industry, however, is fast-growing, and the individuals working in the sector are very experienced and intellectual, while labour costs are low, he said. He added that for business contacts could benefit both Thailand’s proper position in the center of Southeast Asia and Poland’s in northern Europe.

I believe that both factors can take advantage of this opportunity to improve their close ties and enhance our diplomatic financial cooperation, he said.

Wiwat Hemmondharop, evil president of the Federation of Thai Industries, said the health sector, mainly medical clusters, ranks among the 46 key industries the union is working on.

He claimed that Thailand has some of the best facilities and highly skilled personnel while Poland and Europe are perceived as having advanced health systems.

With these benefits in mind, he said it is time to collaborate to make Thailand a hotspot for Asean nations ‘ medical technology.

However, Mr. Wiwat claimed that the automobile industry has been affected by the rising demand for electric vehicles, and that nearly a million workers at Circuit vehicle manufacturers are now at risk of being laid off.

Thus, the league is urging automakers to reconsider their strategies and switch to more advanced manufacturing methods like medical technology and equipment.

” Polish shareholders, especially in the high-technology medical field, are pleasant in Thailand. We may transfer knowledge and expertise, as well as have long-term assistance”, Mr Wiwat said.

Polish Medical Technologies will be exhibited at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center’s Medlab Asia &amp, Asia Health 2024, which begins today and goes until July 12.