PM tags sustainability bonds, future vision

PM tags sustainability bonds, future vision

PM tags sustainability bonds, future vision
Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, addresses reporters after taking part in the UBS Asian Investment Conference ( AIC ) 2024 on Wednesday in Hong Kong. ( Photo: Royal Thai Government )

In response to the invitation from Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin on Wednesday, Thailand’s leader Srettha Thavisin extended an invitation to international partners and investors to make investments there as part of the country’s “IGNITE THAILAND,” a vision for the country’s coming that uses its strengths to become a regional hub in eight essential industries.

Mr. Srettha, who spoke at the UBS Asian Investment Conference ( AIC ) 2024 in Hong Kong, stated that the government intends to issue 30 billion baht of sovereign sustainability-linked bonds this year and would welcome investors to take part in its efforts to fulfill the nation’s commitments to sustainability and climate.

He mentioned “IGNITE THAILAND” and the eight targeted sectors of aircraft, hospitality, well and health, agriculture and food, logistics, potential freedom, digital economy and finance.

‘ ‘ We are in debate with organisers of earth group activities such as Art Basel, Formula 1, and many more,” he said.

Mr. Srettha made it clear that he wants Thailand to be” the position to be” for local head offices of financial companies.

He urged international partners and investors to travel to Thailand on this transformational trip, claiming that the country offers a fertile setting for growth and innovation.

He stated that Thailand’s door is always open and affirmed his personal devotion to the success of this task.

More than 2, 000 top executives and entrepreneurs from 300 personal and public organizations in Asia Pacific gathered at the meeting to exchange ideas and visions about investments and upcoming improvements.

Mr Srettha delivered a keynote address titled” Wisdom: An attention on the past, a watch to the future” focusing on the government’s strategic vision for the future. Wisdom, derived from past experience, guides the state in addressing modern problems and shaping the future, he said.