Record-breaking 2022 for North Korea crypto theft: UN report

The sanctions monitors said South Korea estimated that North Korean-linked hackers stole virtual assets worth US$630 million in 2022, while a cybersecurity firm assessed that North Korean cybercrime yielded cybercurrencies worth more than US$1 billion. “The variation in USD value of cryptocurrency in recent months is likely to have affectedContinue Reading

West-China co-existence: some inconvenient truths

China is the center of the global production network. It is the largest trading partner for all its neighbors and has fueled economic growth in and out of the Indo-Pacific region for decades. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, trade deepened between China and the United States, Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the […]Continue Reading

Serious matter – but check out our great balloons!

On Monday, after the government in Beijing had expressed its displeasure over news that the US had shot a Chinese balloon out of the sky, some in China’s media took a different tack: boasting that the country produces affordable meteorological balloons of a world-class standard. Media said the concerned balloon was made by ChemChina’s Zhuzhou […]Continue Reading