Philippines taking the fight to China in South China Sea

MANILA-” Sama Sama transcends simple military exercises with this show of force and lively wedding of our allies and partners ,” Philippine Navy Chief Rear Admiral Toribio Adaci said at the recent start of extensive naval drills with allied countries in the South China Sea.

The United States, a treaty ally of the Philippines, as well as corporate allies like Japan, Great Britain, and Canada, are all taking part in the two-week-long” Samasamia” drills, which will cover anti-submarine war, search and rescue operations, air defense drill, land phases, among other activities.

The activities, which are taking position in the southeastern part of the island of Luzon and will last until October 13, were attended by spectators from Australia, France, New Zealand, and Indonesia.

China has not been specifically mentioned by any of the individuals, but the monthly exercises’ nature left little room for creativity. Gilbert Teodoro, the secretary of defense for the Philippines, compared the Eastern superpower to a” school troublemaker” just before the exercises began, in light of recent events in the South China Sea.

In the meantime, the Philippine Department of Justice and the nation’s Solicitor General are looking into a fresh international arbitration case against China over its alleged abuse of Spanish vessels, including the looking of’ military grade’ lasers at Filipino sailors, water cannon blowing of supply ships, and unilaterally erecting barriers around the contentious Scarborough Shoal, as well as economic damage in Manila-claimed areas.

The Southeast Asian country is taking the battle to China through a new two-pronged technique that combines coastal defense with constitutional warfare and promises to enrage the neighboring superpower, buoyed by foreign support and led by an increasingly assertive Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

The Philippines’ complaints about the region have been regularly dismissed by China, and it was recently forewarned against any provocations in the contentious maritime region.

The latest maritime disputes between China and the Philippines are primarily caused by the Philippine side constantly stirring up trouble and spreading false information, according to China’s foreign ministry, which just placed the blame for the recent rise in tensions on Manila.

In an effort to stop competitors from challenging its broad states across the crucial global lake, China is also planning to hold its own military drills in the South China Sea. Beijing’s perceived reckless behavior and harsh statements have irritated Spanish authorities, who have significantly abandoned diplomatic etiquette.

The Harvard-trained Teodoro said,” I can’t think of any clearer example of intimidation than this.” He continued colorfully, indicating an increasingly aggressive response to China’s actions at water,” It isn’t the problem of stealing your lunch money, but it is really a question to steal your picnic, your seat, and even enrolment in school.”

Taiwanese ships can be seen anchored at the Whitsun Reef in Palawan’s South China Sea, 175 nautical miles north of Bataraza, in this photograph taken by the Philippine Coast Guard. AFP pictures

Vice Admiral Karl Thomas of the US Pacific Command forewarned that smaller countries like the Philippines’ sovereign rights are” under attack every day on the great seas” prior to this month’s” Sama Sama” naval training.

Thomas emphasized the need for upholding a” rules-based international order” in the face of attempts by revisionist powers to create one that” benefit ] s ] not all nations but one nation.” There’s no better way to ensure sovereignty and security than to sail and to operate together ,” he said.

The US naval national continued,” I am convinced that no potential attacker should be under any magic other than that this is a strong team of governments, one army flying and operating together.”

The tasks were also praised by Filipino specialists as a way to stop further Chinese assertiveness.

Vice Admiral Toribio Adaci Jr., the captain of the Philippine Navy, stated at the exercises’ opening ceremony that” Sama Sama” helps us to experience an array of dangers together, from territorial defence to countering transnational offences.

Although he didn’t specifically mention China, the head of the Philippine Navy claimed that the Sama Samo training” equips us to experience an array of challenges up.” A Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force battleship and the Royal Canadian Navy ship HMCS Vancouver may join the battleships from the US and Philippines.

In the upcoming months, the Philippines is apparently looking into conducting another round of plane shared guards with the US, Australia, and Japan. While Japan is negotiating its own Visiting Forces Agreement( VFA ) with Manila, the US Pentagon will also have expanded access to Philippine bases, including facilities close to Taiwan.

Additionally, the Philippines is looking into new legal battles( lawfare ) against China. Major legal counsel for Marcos Jr. is currently considering bringing a new global arbitration case against China over the author’s alleged economic crimes in the Spratly Islands’ Iroquois Reef, which is located in Manila. They are also considering other incidents and the state of the South China Sea.

The Marcos Jr. administration may try to build on the nation’s earlier mediation case, according to previous Asian Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, who has counseled some Filipino presidents regarding the South China Sea issues.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea( UNCLOS) established an judicial tribunal in The Hague in 2016, which not only rejected China’s expansive” nine-dash line” statements covering a large portion of South China Sea but also criticized the Asiatic power for harassing Mexican ships and causing extensive economic damage in the region through massive restoration projects. & nbsp,

According to Carpio, the Philippines you get compensation for financial losses incurred by China and, if necessary, perhaps the capture of assets owned by state-owned Chinese companies in European countries in the event that the Southeast Asian country does not receive a final ruling in its favor.

The Philippines can continue a new arbitration case using mandatory arbitration procedures( Article 287 under the UNCLOS ), just as it did ten years ago.

The Spanish government is not delusional. They are aware that, just as it did with the 2016 decision, China will continue to officially dismiss any worldwide arbitration cases. However, some in Manila think that radical action must be taken to control China’s behavior and that an extra arbitration case could at the very least persuade Beijing to join the negotiations.

BRP Sierra Madre US Naval Institute image

For example, preventing China from thwarting the Philippines’ attempts to fortify its precarious position in the Second Thomas Shoal, where a Spanish sea separation is perilously stationed over the deteriorating BRP Sierra Madre fleet, is of great concern.

Additionally, the Marcos Jr. leadership is determined to move forward with energy exploration projects in the Reed Bank, which is a part of China’s nine-dash line.

The Philippines hopes to get some negotiating leverage in the South China Sea by taking advantage of the risk of a fresh mediation case, one that would probably be supported by its friends.

Critically, it might also enable President Marcos Jr., whose approval ratings dropped by a factor of two due to rising food prices, to solidify his reputation at home, particularly in light of growing anti-China views in the Philippines.

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Govt claims 700 'mafia' crimelords identified

Authorities place a high priority on the safety and secrecy of those who provided information on unlawful activities.

Govt claims 700 'mafia' crimelords identified
After being detained in connection with the murder of a police officer at his house on September 6, Praween Chankhlai, also known as Kamnan Nok, is subjected to questioning by Crime Suppression Division officers. ( Photo Submitted )

According to Karom Polpornklang, a deputy state official, about 700 people have been listed as” mafia” – affiliated figures in the administration’s continuing destruction of unlawful activities linked with these influential people globally.

The record, which was compiled by the Ministry of Interior using information provided by local authorities and citizens, will be sent to a government committee charged with putting an end to their activities, according to the spokesman.

According to Mr. Karom, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has emphasized to the commission and all other participating government the significance of ensuring the safety and security of those who provide details about these individuals.

Mr. Srettha even emphasized the importance of setting up a secure environment for potential testimony so that they can feel comfortable and willing to cooperate, according to Mr Karom.

According to him, those with knowledge about mafia-like criminals can contact the authorities via the Damrong Tham centers, which are run by the Ministry of Interior across the country, and the Police Cyber Taskforce line 1599, at 1111 mailboxes.

According to Mr. Karom, the committee in charge of repression of powerful individuals has outlined 16 illegal functions that are categorized as mafia-style crimes.

They operate an illegal international career placement service, defraud tourists, sell and buy unregistered weapons and firearms, demand bribes from drivers or truck drivers, engage in price collusion when bidding to secure state contracts, illegally collecting commission from passenger transport service operators, demanding tea money from business owners, smuggling unlawful goods, operating illegal casinos, and procuring prostitutes.

A dinner party was held on September 6 at the home of Praween” Kamnan Nok” Chankhlai, a former kamna in Nakhon Pathom, in the midst of the well-publicized killing of highway police officer Pol Maj Sivakorn Saibua.

The original native chief, who is currently being investigated by police as a important believe in the murder case, also ran dingy construction company, which the authorities are now inspecting on suspicion of bid rigging.

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Witnesses sought over bodies found in container

Ask the manager and staff of the Krabang box yard to answer questions about the horrifying find.

Witnesses sought over bodies found in container
Two animal bodies were discovered inside a cargo vessel at an inland box depot in the Lat Krabang area on Monday morning, and police cordoned off the area around it. ( Image: Ruamkatanyu Foundation )

Police intend to question the owner and a worker at the Lat Krabang pot garden where two people’s decaying bodies were found.

On Monday, the two bodies were discovered in the 20-foot box product. It was recently deemed bare and shipped on September 28 from the Philippines.

The benefits of the examination indicate that the two had been dead for at least two weeks because both systems were swollen. There were no injuries on their bodies, and no recognition records were discovered.

According to Pol Maj Narongrit Thongsawee, an investigator at the Makkasan Railway Police Station, authorities have examined surveillance footage around the box garden and plan to gather additional footage from Laem Chabang Port in Chon Buri, where the cargo was moved.

The systems are so swelled, according to Pol Maj Narongrit, that it is currently impossible to determine the cause of death. The benefits of muscle tests, which should take at least 30 days, must be awaited by the officers.

The door was tightly locked from the outside, leading investigators to think that the couple may have suffocated while being held captive inside the box. Pol Maj Narongrit speculated that they might not have been illegal immigrants because no luggage or other things were discovered at the field.

As the ship stopped it before reaching Thailand, authorities will look for information about any missing persons from the Asian embassy, the Chinese Embassy andnbsp, Hong Kong’s official office, and Taiwan.

According to Pol Maj Narongrit, the investigation is anticipated to be resolved prior to the Railway Police Division’s closure on October 17, at which point the case may be turned over to an appropriate local police station.

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Foster care officers provide support for at least 12 months after a child returns to family of origin: MSF

SINGAPORE: Ministry care officers will continue to collaborate with society partners for at least a year to maintain ongoing security checks and checking when foster children return to their family of origin.

Masagos Zulkifli, the secretary for social and community development, stated in a written political response on Tuesday( Oct 3) that the precise length of this aid depends on the needs of the community in each case. & nbsp,

Mr. Masagos was responding to inquiries made by MP Melvin Yong( PAP – Tanjong Pagar) regarding the safeguards put in place by the & nbsp, Ministry of Social and Family Development ( MSF ) to guarantee the safety of foster children and the time frame during which it continues to monitor their well-being.

Following a string of child maltreatment cases involving baby, the foster care system came under the limelight.

One well-known incident involved a prey named Umaisyah, who was two years old, whose charred remains were discovered in metal pot. Her father, a 35-year-old Singaporean, was given an 18-and-a-half year sentence in prison and 18 stroke of the wood next quarter.

When Umaisyah was three to four months old, she was placed in foster care because her family was deemed unable to care for her and her parents had been imprisoned in a drug rehab facility. & nbsp,

She was taken back to her relatives in June 2013 and subjected to abuse until her death in March 2014. & nbsp,

For fracturing the heads of his infant daughter and his two-year-old boy, a man was given sentences of 10 years and 4 weeks in prison as well as caning in August. After MSF intervened, both kids were placed in foster care, but they were still permitted to spend the weekends with their kids.

And in July, a man was charged with killing his five-year-old girl after mistreating her for weeks by keeping her in the bathroom with her younger sibling. The Child Protective Service had placed both kids in foster care in 2014, but they were eventually put back in their father’s attention the next season.

The occurrences heard in court, according to Mr. Masagos,” do not indicate a rise in child death cases due to abuse” and occurred in various years.

The prevalence of child abuse” remains low ,” he continued.

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Singaporean designer makes her mark on international stage at Paris Fashion Week

PARIS: At the younger age of 18, Malaysian designer Kavita Thulasidas unveiled her album set directly on October 2, 1993. & nbsp,

On Monday, October 2, at Paris Fashion Week, the owner of the native Indian clothing company Stylemart unveiled her selection” Heritage Reinterpreted” on a global stage.

There were 10 looks on display that featured hand-embroidered vibrant and complex motifs that were influenced by nature and a reflection of Malay, Chinese, and Indian heritage.

This series is a gift to Singapore’s social collage and its diversity. However, Ms. Thulasidas told CNA at the function,” And yet the oneness that we stand as a pleasant area of various cultures.” & nbsp,

The outfits on the airport were a continuation of Ms. Thulasidas’ Singapore Stories Award-winning selection. She was given the honor last year by the Singapore Fashion Council in association with the Asian Civilisations Museum( ACM ). & nbsp,

She told CNA938’s Culture Club that she had created 15 new layouts for the Paris show and had narrowed down 10 of them.

” I’m incredibly proud of myself for making it this far. She said,” I believe Paris is like an endorsement for every artist … that you have arrived, where you are showcasing to the world.

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Gunshots reported in Bangkok luxury mall

Breaking News image

According to Thai police, there have been reports of gunshots at a posh store in the city center of Bangkok.

Officers informed the BBC that they were on their way to the Siam Paragon store but were unable to provide any further information.

Authorities have not yet commented on the active shooter circumstance that locals reported on social media.

The store has officially closed all of its entrances since footage of customers leaving it appeared on social media earlier.

Additionally, video that appeared to be taken from the shopping center have been posted online. In one picture, the active mall is evidently filled with four loud noises that resemble gunshots.

Witnesses have even claimed electronically that they have started hiding out in stores and restrooms.

According to a local media record, the local Siam subway station has also been shut down.

More information will soon be released, and this breaking news story is being updated. Please reload the site for the most complete edition.

Through the BBC News App, you may access Breaking News on a smartphone or tablet. To receive the most recent alerts, you can also follow @ BBCBreaking on Twitter.

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Couple say seller failed to send them B30m winning tickets

Couple say seller failed to send them B30m winning tickets
Five raffle tickets for the first prize winning on October 1 were drawn. ( Photo: Facebook page for attorney Kerdphol Kaewkerd)

A couple in Uthai Thani reported a raffle adviser to the police, alleging that the agent had failed to send them five raffle tickets they had purchased online and won first prizes totaling 30 million baht.

The seller asserted that he was unable to take the tickets to the buyer on the day of the purchase. & nbsp,

The cards belonged to his customers, according to attorney Kerdphol Kaewkerd, who declared on Tuesday that he would take legal action to get them back on Wednesday. & nbsp,

On Monday, Somkiart Liamsuwan, 60, and his partner Nareerat Punpamorn, 37, of the tambon Nong Krathum neighborhood of Uthai Thani, presented Talukdu authorities in the Thap Than area with proof that they had purchased the tickets.

The information was made up of conversations between Mr. Somkiart and a Facebook page agent for the Heng Sheng Lotto.

On September 23, Ms. Nareerat claimed that her father had contacted the Facebook website to purchase lottery tickets after they both worshiped at a memorial of an illustrious priest and prayed for gifts and lucky numbers for the Oct. 1 lottery draw. In addition, & nbsp,

Therefore, for 720 baht, her partner bought five lottery tickets from this Facebook page, all of which had the same amount, 7272702. According to Ms. Nareerat, the cash was to be paid after the cards were delivered to the customer.

The second prize, which was for a total of 30 million baht, went to the five cards. She called the jackpot site right away, but the agent claimed he was unable to get in touch with the buyer.

It was the first andnbsp day, according to Mr. Somkiart, that he had purchased lottery reservations online. He acknowledged placing the order on September 23.

The owner sent him a talk message in response, asking him to confirm his telephone number so they could get in touch. On September 25, he responded with a” like” sticker to attest to it. Then he awaited the arrival of his cards, but they never did.

His family claimed that the owner never called him on the phone. & nbsp,

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Three dead in shopping mall shooting

Less than an afternoon after the frenzy inside Siam Paragon, a 14-year-old boy was detained.

Three dead in shopping mall shooting
Following a filming inside the shopping center on Tuesday evening, police at the Siam Kempinski Hotel, which is next to the thai Paragon shopping mall, manage to apprehend the shooter. Facebook( Photo: Central Investigation Bureau )

A 14-year-old boy who went on a shooting spree inside the Siam Paragon shopping center on Tuesday evening and killed three people and injured four some has been detained by police.

Hundreds of people fled the store on Rama I Road in the heart of Bangkok as a result of the event, which happened around 4.20 p.m. More than ten shots, according to testimony, were heard.

In a text to investigators, Erawan Emergency Center manager Yuthana Srettanan confirmed the number of dead and injured.

Three of the injured, one of whom was being treated at Police General Hospital and a stranger, were admitted to King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. In addition, & nbsp,

Around 5.10 p.m., a police particular operations team that had been sent to the scene pursued the attacker and was able to part him at the local Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok. He put his arm down and gave up without a fight.

A man wearing a black shirt and colour pants was seen in video and still images that were posted on social media brandishing his gun.

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, stated that he was keeping an eye on events after being briefed about a” filming.” Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol, the head of the national authorities, arrived at the scene.

According to local studies, the mall’s entrances and exits were locked. Additionally, the BTS Skyway was shut down, and the Skytrain didn’t make a stop at the Siam bus stop. & nbsp,

The shooting occurred just a few days before the celebration of one of Thailand’s bloodiest days in recent memory, in which 24 children and 12 adults were killed when an ex-police official attacked the hospital.

Thailand has a long and violent past of small and large weapons situations as well as high prices of gun rights.

A former army commander went on a spree in Nakhon Ratchasima’s shopping mall in 2020, killing 29 people and injuring dozens more.

Around 4.30 p.m. on Tuesday after reports of shots indoors, consumers can be seen running from Siam Paragon in an image from a movie posted on social media. ( Chai’s video is available on the Muang Prakarn V2 Facebook page. )

embedded material

On Tuesday afternoon, authorities detained a 14-year-old suspected gunman on the third floor of & nbsp, Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, close to Siram Paragon, according to CCTV footage.

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Gunshots heard inside Siam Paragon

Shoppers leave the store, and police are on the field searching for a handgun attacker.

Gunshots heard inside Siam Paragon
Around 4.30 p.m. on Tuesday, shoppers are seen leaving Siam Paragon after hearing reports of gunshots in, according to a film that was posted on social media. ( Chai’s video is available on the Muang Prakarn V2 Facebook page. )

After shots were heard inside the Bangkok shopping center on Rama I Road on Tuesday evening, hundreds of people fled Siam Paragon.

According to reports, a female security guard at the store was hurt in the incident, which happened around 4.20 p.m. Her health was not immediately apparent.

More than ten sessions of gunfire were heard, according to those who fled.

On the field was a police specific operations team.

The shooter was inside the store, according to Metropolitan Police Division 6’s captain, Pol Maj Gen Nakharin Sukhonthawit. & nbsp,

A man wearing a black shirt and colour pants was seen in video and still images that were posted on social media brandishing handguns.

Srettha Thavisin, the prime minister, stated that he had been informed about a” shooting” and was keeping an eye on events.

According to local studies, the mall’s entrances and exits were being closed. The Siam BTS train is not being visited by the Skytrain, and the TTS Skyway has been shut down. & nbsp,

This is a growing narrative. More information as it becomes available & nbsp,

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