Sydney stabbings: Westfield Bondi Junction mall to reopen on Friday

Flowers are placed outside Westfield Shopping mall in honour of the victims of the attackGetty Images

The Sydney shopping center that was the site of a vicious stabbing attack may resume to the public on Friday.

In the Westfield Bondi Junction assault on Saturday, six people were killed. In intensive treatment are still two patients.

When the store reopens, security and police presence will be increased, according to Scentre Group, which runs Westfield stores in Australia and New Zealand.

A” group representation time” will be held at the store on Thursday to allow visitors to pay their respects.

On-site counseling services will be provided.

Elliott Rusanow, chief executive officer of the Scentre Group, said,” It is a time of remembrance and to pay our respects to what has happened here, and the survivors of the tragedy that happened around.”

” It is a recognition that things do n’t return back to normal immediately. “

According to Mr. Rusanow, The Westfield Group will be putting in more stringent security measures in all of its malls, such as requiring security personnel to use more protective gear.

Some shops may choose not to resume on Friday, he said. ” It will be their choice when they do so,” he said.

He added that some people had already taken the time to go to the place where their loved ones were killed, and that all the victims ‘ people had also been.

The victims of the attack were Pikria Darchia, 55; Ashlee Good, 38; Faraz Tahir, 30; Dawn Singleton, 25; Jade Young, 47; and Yixuan Cheng, who is believed to be in her 20s.

Joel Cauchi, the intruder, was afterwards shot killed by the authorities.

Twelve individuals, including Ms Good’s girl woman, were taken to hospital for their injury.

The invasion has horrified Australia, where large killings are unique.

The New South Wales government has announced a assessment into the arms security guards that are allowed to use in crowded areas like shopping centers and hospitals following the attack.

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Pritam Singh hires lawyers to defend against charges of lying in Raeesah Khan case

Pritam Singh, the head of the Workers ‘ Party and the Leader of the Opposition, has hired professionals to protect him from the two accusations he faces of lying to a Committee of Privileges over Raeesah Khan’s event.

On Wednesday morning ( April 17 ), Singh, 47, did not show up in person for a pre-trial hearing in the State Courts to get the accused and the defendant ready for trial.

Pre-trial events are typically held in halls, which are closed to the media and the general public. They can also be accessed via a Zoom picture phone.

Singh was recently represented by Andre Darius Jumabhoy and Aristotle Emmanuel Eng Zhen Yang, who both represented him in court before District Judge Chee Min Ping.

The pre-trial seminar may be postponed until May 31, according to a word in the court’s system, which stated that “defence counsel has been recently instructed.”

Mr. Jumabhoy is the owner of an eponymous store law company. On his website, he is described as” a dedicated trial lawyer” with experience in criminal and civil law, as well as white-collar crime.

He began his legal career in 2003 as a solicitor in London and returned to Singapore in 2011, joining the Attorney-General’s Chambers as a Deputy Public Prosecutor.

In 2002, he received his Master of Laws from King’s College London.

When contacted by CNA for a speech, Mr Jumabhoy’s law agency confirmed that they were acting for Singh, but said they could not provide additional knowledge at this stage.

In the public hear room at Parliament House, Singh is accused of knowingly responding with false information on December 10, 2021, and December 15, 2021, according to the two charges.

This was the subject of a Committee of Privileges investigation involving Raeesah Khan, who had allegedly lied about a sexual assault case and accused the police of handling the case improperly.

Singh allegedly falsely claimed that he had spoken to Ms. Khan to tell her about her alleged false testimony in Parliament about accompanying a murder victim to a policeman station.  

When Singh was first charged in court on March 19, he entered a not-guilty plea to his claims.

If convicted of lying under the Parliament ( Privileges, Immunities and Powers ) Act, he could be jailed for up to three years, fined up to S$ 7,000, or both per charge.

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Solomon Islands: The Pacific election being closely watched by China and the West

A voter casting their ballot in the 2019 election in the Solomon IslandsSOLOMON ISLANDS Republic

In the Solomon Islands, the night before an vote is known as Devil’s Night.

Democratic candidates offer gifts, handing out everything from last-minute votes to money and ship motors to corn sacks and solar panels. In spite of stiffened democratic laws, voter-buying has been a common technique in the Pacific area nation’s elections.

Some of the world’s largest power are watching the ballot on Wednesday with such interest, but this is not the reason.

Because this remote region of the southwestern Pacific is so important for the conflict between China and the US, which has alliance Australia, in the region.

Back on the ground, however, electors will generally be focusing on their quick needs- more than 80 % of the 700,000 people live outside the capital, most without basic services like electricity, health aid and travel.

Why China is a political problem

The Solomon Islands ‘ decision to vote from the West toward Beijing was delayed from last year’s poll, which was held on Wednesday.

As a result, the voting could be seen as” a election” on incumbent president Manasseh Sogavare’s “willingness to play powers like China and Australia off each other to obtain concessions for his state”, says scientist Edward Cavanaugh, who travelled across the Solomons for his text documenting the world’s turn to China.

Located about 1,600km ( 900 miles ) north of Australia, the Solomon Islands is one of the poorest countries in the region due to decades of tribal conflict.

Up until 2017, Australia was in charge of this area’s security goal.

Prime Minister Sogavare opted to abandon his nation’s decades-long diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favor of Beijing two decades after the vision was over. Therefore, in 2022, he ratified a security agreement with China, whose information are still unpublic.

That set off significant alarm bells for some of its mates, including Australia. There was a place where rumors that the treaty might help the establishment of a Chinese naval center in the US-dominated Pacific region were disseminated by Mr. Sogavare.

Solomon Islands' PM Sogavare (3rd left) in a meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping (1st right) in Beijing in 2019

Getty Images

Mr. Sogavare has pledged to further strengthen relations if he wins, saying that he dislikes his government’s future success and that he sees Beijing as the source of his country’s success. He claimed last year to the UN that China was the country’s main network companion.

Foreign aid and investment have flowed into the state since the bargain, bringing new venues, roads and other infrastructure.

However, his social rivals have criticized his kinship with China and questioned whether it is the best program for the country. Some claim that they will examine the China security agreement if they become powerful, while others claim that they prefer to work with conventional European allies.

How is the poll conducted?

Voting booths will be held at the national and provincial levels between 07 :00 local time ( 23 :00 GMT ) and 16 :00.

There are 50 MP seating to be filled. Finally, after negotiations, the ruling coalition is formed, with Members casting ballots to elect a prime minister.

Traditional group lines have been a bit free and non-fixed. More than 100 individuals are running as centrists, while just 20 candidates are ladies- a long-running matter.

According to Pacific scientist Meg Keen from the American foreign policy thinktank The Lowy Institute, two competing partnerships (DCGA and CARE ) are fielding much candidates to allow either to succeed.

The main contenders for PM are:

    Due to his political support and favorable political donations, current prime minister Manasseh Sogavare (DCGA Coalition ) is thought to be well-positioned to win back control. He has been in office for four terms, but no prime minister has ever been reelected.

  • The United Party ( UP) leader Peter Kenilorea Jr. favors ties with Western nations and wants the China security pact to be ended. A former UN official, he is the son of the islands ‘ first prime minister following independence from Britain
  • Former prime minister Rick Hou ( CARE ) and Matthew Wale have teamed up to form a coalition that prioritizes the interests of the Solomon Islands.
  • Former prime minister Gordon Darcy Lilo is a campaigner for change through the Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement ( Sipra ).

What are the issues with the vote?

According to analysts, this is a hugely significant election in addition to geopolitics because it will help to uphold democracy in a nation with a history of riots and coups.

In the wake of recent riots in the capital Honiara, including one in 2021, when protesters attempted to burn down the prime minister’s residence as anger over perceived corruption, persistent poverty, and the country’s pivot toward China boiled over, the memory of the riots still lingers.

Additionally, this is only the second election in the nation since the Regional Assistance Mission left.

In response to long-standing concerns about practices like Devil’s Night, election observers are present to check whether the vote adheres to fair and free standards. In the most recent election in 2019, candidates were freely handing out cash and other goods, according to an election monitor report from Australian academics.

” In Solomon Islands, elections are fought mainly on local issues and commitments. Candidates with large budgets and wealthy backers are more likely to win support and even get votes, according to Dr. Keen.

Voters queueing to cast their ballots in the Solomon Islands in the last election in 2019


But corruption is also endemic in the post-vote negotiation, where “money, ministerial promises, and hotel lock-ups are used to secure support for governing coalitions”, according to Dr Keen in her election brief last week.

While previous research by Australian academics found that China contributed money to a slush fund known as” constituency development funds” for politicians, some politicians have also alleged interference from China.

According to Dr. Keen, these pots almost exclusively flowed to MPs who supported PM Sogavare.

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Digital wallet "super app" to link with bank apps

Digital wallet 'super app' to link with bank apps
Julapun Amornvivat, deputy finance minister, addresses supporters of the modern pocket initiative in October of last year. ( Photo: Somchai Poomlard )

According to Deputy Finance Minister Julapun Amornvivat, the so-called” super software” intended for the 10,000-baht digital wallet plan may work in tune with existing wireless applications for businesses on customers ‘ phones.

The app, he explained, was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society ( DES ) and the Digital Government Development Agency ( DGA ) for use in any digital-based policies. It will use an open-loop option, which allows budget users to make purchases at various stores for the sake of wider availability with easy-to-use guidelines.

According to Mr. Julapun, anyone who wants to get the budget handout is not required to open a bank account with a state-owned financial institution in order to receive the money. The” Tang Rat” game, created by the Interior Ministry and the DGA, is already in use by those who have a disability or pension to check on the payments made, according to Mr. Junlapun. On April 10, the most recent information of the 500-billion-baht electric pocket flyer policy were revealed. It is scheduled to be released in the third quarter.

Mr Julapun said earlier that the program’s income may remain obtained from three options: 152. 7 billion ringgit from the funds for the 2025 governmental year; 175 billion ringgit from the budget’s redistribution for the upcoming fiscal year; and 172. 3 billion baht in the form of a loan from the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives ( BAAC ).

A product of this size, according to Saknarong Siriporn Na Ratchasima, a former BAAC expert and deputy secretary of the Thai Sang Thai Party, may cause the bank to lose both its inner resources and its ability to generate revenue.

He claimed that the BAAC may need to find a way to pay the financial burden of that continuous debt, including the 230 billion ringgit in losses caused by a rice-pledging program under the previous Yingluck Shinawatra administration.

Last year, the BAAC’s cash remained satisfactory, with enough money in its coffers to support its procedures. The bank claimed that its liquidity risk management complied with the requirements set by the Bank of Thailand ( BoT) ).

With a cash cover ratio of 15, the bank had 287 billion baht of solid assets backing cash. 7 %, which is higher than the required 8 percentage. 50 % stated by the BoT.

If the BAAC were to issue this sizable digital wallet mortgage while the old debts from the rice-pledging structure remained unresolved, its problems may burst and eventually stifle the company’s ability to assist producers, which is what the BAAC is supposed to do, according to Mr. Saknarong.

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CNA Correspondent Podcast: New programme focuses on dynamic East Asia region

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How to safeguard yourself from food poisoning: Raw shellfish and fish, runny eggs, leftover rice

Not everyone finds our night egg to be as tasty. It was evident in the feedback on a US-based vlogger’s post  about the traditional Singaporean breakfast  of ang bread and soft-boiled egg. “Explosive diarrhoea”, “disgusting ” and “snotty ” were some of the words used by international netizens to describe the eggs.

Salmonella is a very real issue in eggs and is a “leading cause of food-borne illnesses worldwide, ” the SFA asserts.   This is why hens are completely cooked before being eaten in other countries.  

The SFA makes sure that imported hens come from “approved resources in accredited countries and regions that meet Singapore’s food security and animal health standards” in order for you to love onsen and poached eggs with ease of mind.

Local chicken farms must also show “good land management practices and robust security measures ” to prevent bacteria contamination, said the SFA, which means removing soiled and/or cracked eggs, and constantly testing their hens for salmonella. The land will be closed until the pollution issue is fixed if salmonella is found during our tests. ”

What you can do: According to the SFA, those strict standards make it “relatively safe to eat raw or lightly cooked hens in Singapore.” But there is always a danger with fresh food, so if you are female, impaired, very young or older, it is best to avoid them.

Use pasteurized eggs that have been heating treated to remove bacteria if you need to use raw or lightly cooked eggs in dishes like cake, sauce, and desserts sauce. Then, make or buy eggs that have been cooked until the yolks and whites are strong. wet egg whites or eggs may also contain microorganisms, said the SFA.

To protect yourself more, finish up your hens as soon as they are cooked. If there are leftovers, freeze the egg or any food containing eggs quickly ( below 4 degrees Fahrenheit ) to avoid fungal growth.


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Chiang Mai Zoo"s aquarium reopens after B29m boost

Chiang Mai Zoo's aquarium reopens after B29m boost
Kids enjoy watching a large lake frog at Chiang Mai Zoo’s ocean that has reopened after a 29-million-baht construction. Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo has reopened its pond after a 29-million-baht construction. The country’s second ocean, located on a rock, is expected to attract more visitors than ever.

Zoo director, Wuthichai Muangman, said the director-general of the Zoological Park Organization of Thailand ( ZPO ) Attapon Srihayrun allocated a 2023 budget of over 29 million baht to the zoo to renovate its aquarium.

The job is then complete, and the ocean reopened on April 1, said Mr Wuthichai.

According to Mr. Attapon, the modern ocean embodies the idea of saving the planet and environmental protection. After the reopening, he anticipated a 10 % increase in ocean revenue from registration fees. The service was closed last year for the reconstruction.

Because it was the first location in the nation to give the water to a hill, and it adheres to international standards, it will become a well-known tourist attraction. The ocean is also a great learning environment for both children and students, according to Mr. Attapon. He added that the registration costs are affordable in comparison to those at different aquariums, which typically charge each guest at least 1,000 baht.

Admission fees at the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium are 300 ringgit for Thai people, 175 ringgit for Thai kids, 640 baht for an adult stranger and 375 ringgit for a foreign child.

Mr. Attapon claimed that the ZPO would give the ocean an extra one-million-baht funds to buy more marine species.

The ocean serves as both a tourist destination and learning facility as well, according to Mr. Attapon, as well as a research and conservation facility.

According to Narutat Chareonsedtasin, CEO of Marine Scape ( Thailand ), the company that manages Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium, the aquarium is home to the world’s longest underwater tunnel, which is 133 metres long, and features the most river fish species in Thailand, with over 80 species from the Mekong River Basin and Chao Phraya Basin exhibited there.

As part of the construction, the aquarium’s air conditioning, roads, air and the sea animals ‘ well-being were improved, he said.

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Tailings to be returned  from May 7

Panel requested that the move get sped away.

Tailings to be returned from May 7
Samut Sakhon was discovered in early this month with large bags of cobalt waste. ( Police photo )

Bound & According to Industry Minister Pimphattra Wichaikul, Beyond Plc did begin moving copper effluent from Samut Sakhon, Bangkok, and Chon Buri back to their original site in Tak on May 7. The company anticipates completing the project in under 36 weeks.

On Tuesday, Ms. Pimphattra reported that the commission overseeing the transportation of the tailings had taken into account a revised strategy by the business that owns the cobalt waste.

On May 7, the business will use 30 trucks to begin transferring the copper tailings to Pun.

It may move 450 tons of copper tailings each day.

The committee requested an increase in the number of vehicles to shorten the duration, but the company initially planned to build 10 vehicles for transportation. The copper waste were expected to be transferred in 92 time.

Authorities are setting up leisure pits in Tak where the cobalt tailings may be interred.

Today, officers of the Industry Ministry’s Department of Primary Industries and Mines ( DPIM), along with officers of Tak Provincial Public Works, the Town & The waste pits may be examined for safety and sturdiness by the Country Planning Office and some other companies.

After the waste has been buried, safety measures like double-bagging the cobalt tailings before transportation and conducting an annual monitoring also close to the disposal pits to assure no leakage and contamination is prevented will be implemented.

The waste mines are secured using two pieces of one. 5-millimetre HDPE plates.

When the copper effluent have been buried, the mines will be shut using dust, HDPE linens and reinforced practical.

Thus far, 12,421 kilograms out of the 13,382 tonnes of copper waste that were improperly moved from a garbage in Tak have been found, comprising 6,378 kilograms at J& B Metal Co in Samut Sakhon, 1,034 tonnes at Chin Hong Cheng Inter Tech ( 2008 ) Co in Samut Sakhon, 468 tonnes at a warehouse in Khlong Ma Duea, also in Samut Sakhon.

Another 4,391 tonnes were found at a warehouse in Chon Buri’s Ban Bung area, and the other 150 kilograms were found at LL0 Metal Co in Bangkok’s Bang Sue area.

However, Akaradech Wongpitakroj, United Thai Nation Party MP for Ratchaburi and chairman of the committee on business, said on Tuesday   His committee had invited businesses to give more information about the schedule at the current congress meeting.

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