Paetongtarn on crusade to combat hate speech

Paetongtarn on crusade to combat hate speech

Supportive community has helped a rising social figure overcome hardship, but difficulties still exist.

Paetongtarn on crusade to combat hate speech
At the Bangkok Post Women Vision Forum 2024 at the Centara Grand, CentralWorld, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, the party’s head, said,” We cannot handle anger but we can control the way we express ourselves.” ( Photo: Pornprom Satrabhaya )

Paetongtarn Shinawatra, the head of the Pheu Thai Party, says she is concerned about the rise in hate speech and violent political infighting. She intends to fight these issues head-on for a more peaceful and prosperous country.

I want to make one alter, in my opinion, the most. Nevertheless, the issue is complicated and uniformly unsolved among countries, regardless of the country ’s economic growth or degree of independence. The issue is hatred in people’s hearts, ” she said in her keynote speech at the Bangkok Post Women Vision Forum 2024 on Thursday.

As the child of runaway former top Thaksin Shinawatra and the head of a political party, Ms. Paetongtarn addressed the topic of “Female Management in Social and Political Transformation.”

She noted that political repercussions and personal attacks are frequent, someone she first learned when her parents made his first venture into the field when she was eight years old.

According to Ms. Paetongtarn, her family and his political rivals and supporters frequently criticized and criticized him.

This continued into her college years, with damaged photos of Thaksin frequently left around and disparaging remarks made about her father’s politics and character.

She claimed that when Thaksin was accused of breaking the law, things got worse, but all she could do was be silent and be patient until the jury cleared his title.

After 15 years of self-imposed captivity, Thaksin returned to Thailand last year to face additional charges. He was just released from prison after spending almost all of his time imprisoned at the Bangkok Police General Hospital.

Ms. Paetongtarn claimed there was such a reaction against her home as a child due to the country’s divided politics, whose flames were stoked by uncontrolled anger, that she was even accused of cheating to complete her college admissions exam despite the claims being untrue with no supporting evidence.

She claimed that it was so unfairly biased that this political bias led to an unjust examination of my academic achievement.

“Although I may fight for hatred with my own power, it affected my feelings. I am a child of a former prime minister who some folks disliked, she continued.

“It left scars on my younger self and I kept asking, what I did bad? And why was this something I had to experience? ”

She claimed that she had a loving community who supported her and made it possible for her to endure constant criticism and specific problems.

The key to imparting strength and resilience to people is a friendly family, she said, but some Thai households are divided by a number of factors, including the financial imperative.

This is why the Pheu Thai Party-led state has been promoting a scheme called “One Family, One Soft Power, ” Ms Paetongtarn said.

Instead of being forced to look for work abroad, the goal is to improve people’s technical or vocational skills so they can make money while supporting their families.

Additionally, according to Ms. Paetongtarn, people need to be informed that freedom of speech requires the application of good conscience, and that anger begets anger. Its repercussions may thread up on them.

People forget that they must be held accountable for their criticism, she said. To avoid hurting others without cause, we cannot control hatred but we can control the way we express ourselves.

“Do not let their ( hateful ) words define you. ”