Orphan eggs set to hatch

Orphan eggs set to hatch

Last night, the leatherback turtle’s hens were about to hatch after being discovered dead on a Phangnga beach next month.

A sea specialist at Kasetsart University named Assoc Prof. Thorn Thamrongnawasawat posted on Twitter yesterday that an chicken was starting to drop in on itself, indicating that they might soon hatch.

He wrote,” One hatchling is wriggling its head, a sign that it will come out of its egg tonight, along with dozens of [other ] chicks.” More than 2,000 crocodiles have hatched on Andaman shores over the past six years, but this colony is unique because the mother passed away.

In the Thai Muang neighborhood of Phangnga, he was referring to a useless female turtle that washed up on the beach on January 22 close to the office of the national park protection unit. Its neck and flippers were caught in a fish online.

Two months prior, the spawning hens were laid.