BDMS touts AI’s role in cancer treatment

BDMS touts AI's role in cancer treatment

According to the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited ( BDMS ), artificial intelligence ( AI ) will be crucial in lowering the mortality rate for lung cancer.

A Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU) was recently signed by BDMS and AstraZeneca ( Thailand ) Co Ltd in an effort to improve lung cancer treatment. A pilot phase will be carried out at Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth.

According to Dr. Thiravud Khuhaprema, chairman of the Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth, cancer is the leading cause of suicide in 48 nations worldwide, including Thailand.

He claimed that the nation records 190,000 tumor situations and 120, 000 fatalities annually. It implies that 14 persons pass away from cancer every minute.

In Thailand, heart cancer is the leading cause of cancer death. Whether they receive therapy or not, about 19, 000 of the 23, 000 lung cancer patients pass away.

Lung cancer has even been found in non-smokers, according to Dr. Thiravud. Individuals with the EGFR or KRAS genes may experience changes in their respiratory system tissue as a result of additional hazards like PM2.5 particles.

For those who have never smoked, there are now no recommendations for lung cancer screening. Therefore, a new technologies, like AI, needs to be used, according to him.

According to Dr. Thiravud,” AI may be crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer because it aids in image analysis and offers a multi-cancer danger screening for early detection through blood tests that can recognize circulating tumor DNA.”

Al will assist medical professionals in identifying smaller lung nodules, which may point to the emergence of early-stage lung cancer made possible by AI, according to Roman Ramos, the country president of AstraZeneca ( Thailand ).

The verification lasts for three days. Patients will be able to obtain a treatment and start treatment right away if an impairment is discovered.

This might result in better results and a better chance of surviving, he claimed.