Island province to receive 49k tourists per day during CNY

Island province to receive 49k tourists per day during CNY
Island province to receive 49k tourists per day during CNY
In Phuket, travellers visit a walking streets. Achadthaya Chuenniran ( picture )

During the Lunar New Year festival, which began on Sunday and lasts until February 16, Phuket International Airport anticipates 49, 000 visitors arriving on average each time.

According to airports producer Monchai Tanod, the total number of arrivals over the course of the 13-day period is thought to reach 640, 000, including 430,000 foreign visitors.

3, 915 flights—2, 298 foreign and 1, 617 domestic—will be received at the aircraft, which is run by the Airports of Thailand, over the course of the time, according to him.

He claimed that because aircraft administration has increased efforts to ensure efficiency and safety, which are its major objectives, it is ready for a boom in people.

For quick and convenient services and inspections, more real-time customer tracking systems and common-use self-service kiosks for quick passenger check-ins have been installed.

According to him, control will host events and distribute mementos to guests on February 8 in honor of the Lunar New Year, which has been celebrated at the airport.

According to him, departing individuals are advised to arrive at the airport two to three hours in advance. According to him, airlines can be checked using the” SAWASDEE by AOT” software or its call center.

In the meantime, the Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT ) anticipates an increase in Chinese tourists arriving on Koh Samui this month as a result of the visa-free program and the Chinese New Year.

The president’s visa-waiver policy, according to Kanokkittika Kritwuthikorn, TAT director for Koh Samui, has a positive effect on the tourism industry there.

On February 1, a direct journey carrying 138 tourists from China touched down at Samui airports. This quarter, she anticipates having at least 5,000 Foreign visitors on the island.

Bangkok Airways is expanding direct flights from southwest China’s Chongqing and Chengdu to Koh Samui to four times a week during Chinese New Month: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

In January, about 4, 000 Taiwanese visitors visited the island.

After Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai, Koh Samui is the fourth-most popular vacation destination on the Foreign traveling website Hotels.

According to Mr. Kanokkittika, Samui’s popularity among Chinese tourists is also partially attributable to marketing initiatives run by the Tourism Association of Koh Samuli and meetings between regional tourism operators and their [ Chinese ] counterparts.