Opposition or Prabowo’s coalition? Indonesia’s PDI-P keeps mum but analysts say Megawati has given clues

Opposition or Prabowo’s coalition? Indonesia’s PDI-P keeps mum but analysts say Megawati has given clues


Political spectator Agung Baskoro of Trias Politika Strategis, Mdm Megawati’s reluctance to proclaim PDI- P as in the opposition, perhaps even have to do with the fact that PDI- P also has a presence in the cheerful Cabinet. &nbsp,

” It is not wise to ( declare ) PDI- P will be in the opposition when its ministers are still in the government. They might have to leave right away because PDI-P officials must align themselves with the group’s position, Mr. Agung told CNA.

After Mr. Prabowo’s election on October 20, he continued,” The situation will become clearer.” &nbsp,

Another spectator, Ray Rangkuti interpreted Mdm Megawati’s speech as one which obviously indicates that PDI- P is likely to be in the criticism. &nbsp,

” There is no need for more understanding. Mdm Megawati’s talk plainly states that PDI- P is ready to be in criticism, even if that means it will be outside the state”, said Mr Ray to CNA. &nbsp,

He claimed that if PDI-P makes that decision, the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS) and PDI-P could be the only two political parties in the criticism camp.

At the conclusion of the three-day meeting, PDI-P issued a 17-point recommendation, including a declaration that Indonesia’s election of 2024 was the worst election ever held in Indian history. &nbsp,

On another note, the group added that it would only work with other parties that are “impressed by the country’s commitments to implementing the transformation agenda, strengthening the rule of law, and improving the quality of democracy.” &nbsp,

Another social observer, Ujang Komaruddin from Al Azhar University, echoed a similar see &nbsp, that PDI- P is showing a really powerful tendency to remain in the criticism. &nbsp,

” PDI- P tends to be a group outside the state, the criticism. And that’s great, as it will deliver checks and balances”, Mr Ujang told CNA. &nbsp,

He added that when PDI- P is never a member of the ruling class, it is more vehement and vocal in criticizing the government. &nbsp,

However, because the new state is only five weeks away in October, Mr. Ujang speculated that Mdm Megawati made the wrong choice. &nbsp,

He claimed that if the PDI-P chairwoman makes its stance quite clearly around this point, she might not want her political strategies to be exposed early. &nbsp,

” In politics, plan is essential, and PDI- P has often adhered to this approach”, Mr Ujang said.

Mr. Ganjar Pranowo, the merely older PDI-P political figure who has publicly stated he will certainly join the new government, said on May 6 that he would reject any offer to join the Prabowo administration. &nbsp,

Even so, Mr. Ganjar’s position was just a personal one, not an official position taken by the group. &nbsp,

This is also Mdm Megawati’s position, according to Mr. Agung, who prefers to put her own opinions before the party’s real official position. &nbsp,

” Megawati may personally prefer to be outside the state. But as a social gathering, PDI- P is none already officially outside or may join the ruling alliance” .&nbsp,

” It may seem confusing to the general public, but that’s elections. In the future, this does allow for any casual communication, according to Mr. Agung.