All SQ321 crew members back in Singapore: SIA

All SQ321 crew members back in Singapore: SIA

The&nbsp, Boeing 777- 300ER plane was en route to Singapore from London carrying 211 people and 18 staff members when it encountered serious turbulence&nbsp, on May 21. &nbsp,

The&nbsp, turmoil flung passengers and crew around the house, slamming some into the sky, leaving some wounded, some suffering brain and spinal cord injury.

One European customer died. &nbsp, Mr Geoff Kitchen, 73, was believed to have died from&nbsp, a heart attack. &nbsp,

On Sunday, the aeroplane returned to Singapore, five weeks after its evacuation landing in Bangkok. &nbsp,

The airport stated on Monday that “SIA is completely cooperating with the appropriate authorities in the analysis into this incident.”

Researchers are looking into the files from the cockpit voice recorder and trip data record, according to Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat on Friday.

Singapore’s Transport Safety Investigation Bureau ( TSIB ), part of the Transport Ministry, despatched investigators to Bangkok to find out what happened. &nbsp, Researchers from the United States have even travelled to Thailand.