Normal services on Yellow Line delayed to ‘late June’

Normal services on Yellow Line delayed to ‘late June’

Controller is still awaiting parts to restore the conductor rail that has been damaged.

Normal services on Yellow Line delayed to ‘late June’
In Bangkok during rush hours, a Golden Line rail station whizzes above a traffic jam. ( Photo: Wichan Charoenkiatpakul )

The Department of Rail Transport announced on Wednesday that ordinary services along the Golden Line rail system will begin on June 10 instead of June 10 as formerly announced, as its operator is still waiting for some parts to fix broken tracks.

According to section head Pichet Kunadhamraks, Eastern Bangkok Monorail Co, the line’s controller, is currently working on reinstalling the wire rail along the shattered monitor between Kalantan and Suan Luang Rama IX channels.

Nevertheless, he claimed that some crucial components have not yet been delivered and that the manufacturer had predicted that they would appear “in first June.”

The department, along with the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand ( MRTA ), will conduct an inspection to make sure the repairs were completed in a satisfactory manner and both tracks are ready to support normal operations once the parts arrive and the conductor rail is reattached, he said.

Therefore, Mr. Pichet predicted that regular operations along the Golden Line should resume maybe “in soon June.”

On March 28th, a portion of the monorail’s wire bridge exited between the terminals Suan Luang Rama and Kalantan and Suan Luang Rama IX. Electrical devices between the Kalantan and Si Udom facilities were temporarily affected by the incident, which forced officials to close the line for a brief period.

One of the wires between Hua Mak and Si Iam facilities was discovered to have been damaged by the event, which brought it back a day later. Since then, only a single monitor can be used to traveling between the two channels, seriously limiting support regularity.

Elements that broke off the wire bridge on March 28 have also been sent to Singapore for a closer assessment, according to Mr. Pichet.

According to Mr. Pichet, the ministry reported on April 1 through May 27 that it had discovered 17 faults on Bangkok’s electric road systems, eight of which were related to electrical problems and the other were to the trains.

Eastern Bangkok Monorail Co and the Pink Line controller Northern Bangkok Monorail Co are both subsidiaries of BSR JV Consortium, a cooperative venture between three large SET- listed companies: BTS Group Holdings, with a 75 % shareholding, Sino- Thai Engineering and Construction, and Ratch Group, a main power producer.