Philippines president calls new China coast guard rules ‘worrisome’

Philippines president calls new China coast guard rules 'worrisome'

According to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, the guidelines aim to standardize law enforcement and better defend sea order.

In a typical press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said,” There is no need for any person or object to worry as much as there is no improper behavior.”

According to Mao, it was the Philippines ‘ side that “frequently causes the increase of the position” in the South China Sea, adding that the doorway to dialogue was open.

Marcos has taken a tougher range than his father regarding China’s activities in the South China Sea, which has been supported by both its American and Japanese allies and its allies.

The South China Sea, which is the hub for more than US$ 3 trillion in annual ship-borne industry, is governed by Beijing, which has control over a large portion of it.

China’s huge claims had no foundation under international legislation in 2016, according to an international judicial tribunal in 2016, which Beijing has rejected. China insists that its claims to have autonomy over the majority of the lake and many of its islands are confirmed by historical records and outdated maps.