NHCO plans to curb kid vape use

NHCO plans to curb kid vape use

NHCO plans to curb kid vape use
Due to growing concern about how defenseless babies are to them, the government’s top plan is to stop smoking e-cigarettes. ( Photo: Varuth Hirunyatheb)

The National Health Commission Office ( NHCO ) and the National Health Commission have come to a consensus on five principles to prevent children and adolescents from using e-cigarettes because research studies show that the earlier the age of tobacco addiction, the greater the chance of developing a lifelong habit.

Deputy Prime Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit, who is also the NHCO chairman, on Friday said younger people are a key target of e- cigarette companies, and they can quickly become innovative smokers facing both brief- and long- term health risks.

So, he said, the percentage is urging people to take the greatest steps to outlaw both the import and trade of e-cigarettes.

The five main goals that were set forth include managing the information about tobacco use, raising awareness of the risks associated with it, enforcing and monitoring e-cigarette control laws, creating a lover system to fight e-cigarette spread, and supporting laws and measures to stop and stop their use.

” We will consider this decision for the commission’s assent, and we look forward to seeing all related companies take action based on the framework”, Mr Suriya said.

He claimed that the government’s top scheme is to stop smoking e-cigarettes because more people are concerned about their vulnerability.

Additionally, the model mandates that organizations report on their progress every six months, particularly the number of smoking.

Suwanna Ruangkanchanasetr, who is the head of the Public Health Policy Development ( e- smoke control ) council, said the cigarette- apply situation in Thailand among minors is getting worse.

She said that protecting the country’s precious resources from risky situations and health threats is important. The World Health Organization has confirmed that the poisoning of e-cigarettes has been confirmed.

According to reports, electronic- cigarettes, which then also come in imaginative toy- like designs and chemical flavours, are tremendously popular among young people.

The youngest e-cigarette users ever discovered were those who were in primary school.

Dr. Suwanna urged the government to carry on its policy to outlaw the e-cigarette trade in Thai territory, adding that legal sanctions should be taken against those who violate the law.