Ex-policeman given life sentence

Ex-policeman given life sentence

Ex-policeman given life sentence
Narongwat Thachada, then deputy inspector at Bangkok’s Hua Mak police station, ( second from left ) is arrested at a rented room in Don Muang district of Bangkok on Dec 30, 2023. ( Photo supplied )

In light of his valuable evidence, the Criminal Court on Friday commuted the sentence to life in prison for the shooting of a business in late December.

Narongwat Thachada, a former assistant investigator at Bangkok’s Hua Mak police station, was found guilty of the planned crime of Krit Saruwaranon on Dec 29, among other claims.

On Chalong Rat Expressway above Pradit Manutham Road, the sufferer, who owned a real estate company and regulation office, was shot dead. &nbsp,

Prior to the killing, he had hired Narongwat as his vehicle and as a security guard for five decades.

Soon after, Narongwat was detained and charged with premeditated murder, carrying a gun, and possessing a firearm without consent.

An road staff witnessed the pair argue beside the vehicle parked near a walls of the expressway, according to the police investigation, before Narongwat shot Krit five times, killing him instantly.

He claimed to have shot Krit after the merchant had broken his word to pay off a 2 million ringgit debt and get him a promotion. &nbsp,

During the course of the research, Narongwat denied the allegations, but he later admitted them throughout.

The Criminal Court’s verdict included a death sentence for the defendant, which the Criminal Court commuted to life in prison, and found him guilty of all the expenses.

Additionally, the jury mandated that the accused pay the victim’s family about 13 million ringgit in compensation.