NHB hopes exhibition on successful Singaporean fashion design can inspire others to chase their dreams

Back in Singapore for his exhibition, he told CNA his mother was his first fashion stylist-cum-mentor.

She would take the fabrics his father brought home from countries like Indonesia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates to a tailor in Chinatown, with a young Mr Gn in tow.

“I would be extremely observant, listening to her discussing every single detail of how she wants to make her clothes,” he said, adding that that was his first fashion experience.

“It was magical to see all this beautiful two-dimensional fabric being transformed into three-dimensional clothing.”

His journey into the industry began when he managed to persuade his parents to fund his overseas fashion education at Central Saint Martins, he said.


ACM director Kennie Ting told CNA that it is important for a public and national institution to showcase a Singaporean designer who has worked hard and found success.

“That is the kind of narrative that I feel is important for younger designers and just young people in general here: That there is hope. There is opportunity,” he said.

He added that more local designers need to be profiled.

“We have a lot of Singaporean designers who are doing relatively well locally, as well as abroad. And to me, this particular show is just the beginning. I think it kickstarts our … movement to collect more in the space of design,” he said.

The National Heritage Board (NHB), which manages Singapore’s national museums and heritage institutions, wants to give the design industry a new lease of life. Its new heritage plan includes schemes to help Singaporeans better recognise prominent designers and their creations.