New cannabis bill ‘restricts freedoms’

New cannabis bill 'restricts freedoms'

Activist rejects a number of issues.

New cannabis bill 'restricts freedoms'
At the Asia International Hemp Expo, which takes place in Bangkok in November 2022, cannabis plants will be on screen. Somchai Poomlard ( picture )

The new hemp act, which is advancing through parliament, tightens regulations and adds prison terms for growing, selling, and importing marijuana without a permit as well as for marketing and advertising the drug. In June 2022, cannabis was removed from the list of narcotics.

The implementation of fines for outdoor smoking, also in one’s own home, is its most contentious clause, though. Many people, including longtime cannabis legalization argue and businesswoman Chokwan Kitty Chopaka, have condemned this.

In the most recent episode of the Bangkok Post audio Deeper Dive, she told Dave Kendall,” The entire discussion about medical and recreational, it’s very black and white.”

” Say if I have a joint; I smoke about an inch of it, and it relieves my headache.” I can then relax and work for another two to three hours while reading documents and conducting research, but not the second foot of that combined. I am now content because I no longer experience migraines. Does that imply that it is for fun? Therefore, there is never a true black-and-white situation. According to Ms. Kitty, we should also be able to grow the things we use in our home.

This new legislation “does not permit for home-grown, does not enable apartment use of the homegrown,” according to the statement. You must buy if you expand. You must purchase if you want to apply. Therefore, it clearly demonstrates the number of right they are attempting to deny us.

When questioned about the numerous complaints about hemp smoking, she responded. ” I was unable to locate a f****** phone number to call in order to complain.” We also met with the heath division. There is no way for you to actually complain because it is so difficult to even get someone on the other end of the phone to ask any questions or tell them,” Hey, there is an [unlicensed ] shop selling in front of a school,” or something similar. I want to voice those problems as well!

She claims that one purpose policy is required is the ability to power what she refers to as “bad stars.” Another is economic: a new law is required for traders to feel secure because the Thai Chamber of Commerce predicts that the value of the cannabis industry will reach 43 billion baht in 2025. And for those who are concerned that the new government’s real goal is to suppress the industry, Ms. Kitty claims that it is already very well-established for that.

She told the podcast,” You can travel down the road and you see like Doctor CBD or CBD ocean.” ” You go to 7- One, you see cannabis ocean… it has gradually assimilated into Thailand… no distinct like, say, booze or sweets or like snacks.”

There really is no turning back, I may say, and within this year we’ll likely see some of these companies entering the stock exchange.

She claimed that the bill actually represents a power struggle to determine who—or which authorities agency—will control hemp for the following five years.

It’s more like a puppet that they can use, trade, or move about, no about cannabis.

The main concern for many people is whether the 60, 000 baht fine and the ban on outdoor smoking will be implemented.

At least there are n’t any criminal charges, Ms. Kitty remarked. It’s more of a barrier, in my opinion, which results in more crackdowns.

You know, this is Thailand, and fraud is so pervasive that it’s not amusing. Remember that since it has been delisted, the police can no longer sort of shake you down for walking through Sukhumvit or any of those popular areas. They must devise a strategy for earning income. Usually, the world simply cannot revolve.

Does that imply a police officer might be breaking down your door in the middle of the stogie?

” That would n’t occur because it would impede tourism in and of itself. If you were n’t blowing smoke through people’s windows, I doubt anyone would knock on your door.

The press… will disappear, and you ca n’t use it for fun. This does not imply that you will forbid users from using. However, at least they will avoid interacting with others so that they wo n’t be discovered… not really bothering anyone. Therefore, neither the number of prosecutions nor the situation will change significantly from before legalization.

She came to the conclusion that” we just have to sort of find our way around those regulations that come in.”