New ASEAN Express cargo rail service spanning 4 countries expected to lower costs, open markets

From Laos, the ASEAN Express trips to Kunming in China’s southwestern Yunnan state, before arriving in Chongqing.

The road service is 30 per cent cheaper than road transportation on regular, said KTMB, and is also a brighter and more lasting solution.


The first freight support from Malaysia to China has been hailed as ancient by rail experts.

” This is a good start. Even though it is smaller, it is grow”, said Mr Rosli Azad Khan, expert and managing director of MS Traffic Planners.

He added that this would enable Malaysia to expand its vehicles industry, enabling it to become a dominant player in the nations that the ASEAN Express serves.

” I think Malaysia should take the lead in this- it is a great opportunity”, he said.

Professor Khalid Hasnan, mind of Malaysia’s Industry Centre of Excellence for Railway, noted:” If you can influence the market that you can provide fast, effective, cheap, and yet the dignity of your goods is assured, they will go for it”.

The experts added that they anticipate a decrease in logistics costs in addition to improving local bridge connection.

According to Mr. Rosli, rail services would be more appropriate to meet their requirements than roads because passenger and freight requirement is “very great” in all four nations.

” In the future, we don’t rely on highways to assist us, both for individuals and for transport. We have to go back to the railway”, he added.