Pattaya murder suspect deported to South Korea

Next Korean national is still at large.

Pattaya murder suspect deported to South Korea
The second believe in the barrel-murder situation, centre, was arrested by Thai regulators in May. Lee Yong Jin was identified by Thai authorities as. ( Photo: Royal Thai Police via Bangkok Post )

A Vietnamese murder suspect who was detained in Phnom Penh has been refiled to South Korea on suspicion of the alleged killing of his colleague in Pattaya two months ago.

South Korean authorities brought the 27-year-old think back home from the Thai cash on Wednesday, and questioning sessions were conducted at the Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency, &nbsp, Yonhap reported.

The suspect was not named by the North Korean media firm, but Thai authorities have identified him as Lee Yong Jin.

He and two additional Koreans are accused of killing Roh Eui Jong, dumping the system in a plastic chamber, and dumping it into the Map Prachan pond in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district in May. Lee Roun, who was detained in South Korea, and Kim Hyeonng Won, who is still at large, were the two other suspects that Thai officials had identified.

South Korean authorities held discussions with their Thai and Vietnamese counterparts regarding the management of Mr Lee following&nbsp, his imprisonment, according to Yonhap. Due to the longer and more complex process, the Vietnamese authorities decided to arrest him rather than seek abduction.