MPs call for equal parental leave, better work culture as Bill passed to double paternity leave to 4 weeks

In response to inquiries about the government’s initiatives to promote fathers’ use of paternity leave and the significance of shared maternal responsibilities, Ms. Sun emphasized that it is crucial for community to support pagan participation from the beginning. & nbsp,

In order to increase relationship security and to promote the value of shared parenting and family responsibilities between mothers and fathers, the state has collaborated with community partners to improve household ties and resilience, according to Ms. Sun. & nbsp,

The latest procedures for maternity leave and authorship left are differentiated to meet the needs of the kids, Ms. Sun said in response to inquiries about the equalization of parental leave.

She continued,” Pregnancy keep is given to mothers so they can actually recover from childbirth, take care of, and bond with their children.” & nbsp,

As a result, it lasts longer than fatherhood leave, which enables parents to bond with their newborn baby and take care of their brides. Additionally, this explains why pregnancy left is longer than adoption left.

According to Ms. Sun, the state has no plans to alter the present shared parental leave policies. & nbsp,

Ms. Sun stated that the challenge in determining whether care leave may be increased was” not so much the price to government” but rather the challenges faced by companies and businesses when leave is made mandatory. & nbsp,

Employers are now worried that the expanded leave provisions will negatively affect labor costs and operations given the current rise in paid fatherhood leave and paid infant care leave, she continued.

When asked about childcare sick leave, Ms. Sun responded that the civil service now offers it per-child, whereas 27 % of private companies voluntarily gave their employees additional paid childcare sickness leave in 2020. & nbsp,

She acknowledged that families with more kids will need more time off to care for them if they get tired, which encourages private sector employers to think about offering per-child sick leave for care.

She continued,” This can substantially reduce parental stress from taking care of more babies.” & nbsp,