Thaksin has had surgery, still recovering, says daughter

Thaksin has had surgery, still recovering, says daughter
Thaksin has had surgery, still recovering, says daughter
At a meeting on Tuesday at the Pheu Thai Party’s headquarters to commemorate its 16th anniversary, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, center. Varuth Hirunyatheb is shown in the picture.

According to his child Paetongtarn, who stated on Tuesday that she is unsure of how much Thaksin Shinawatra must stay in the hospital, the former prime minister underwent surgery and is currently recovering.

At the Bangkok office of the Pheu Thai Party, Ms. Paetongtarn was conversing with reporters.

Thaksin underwent surgery last week and was still recovering. She claimed that his blood pressure was excellent some time but not so good on other days.

Ms. Paetongtarn did not provide any additional information. She advised writers to consult Thaksin’s physicians.

She claimed that she had no idea how long her papa would need to stay in the hospital.

The activists & nbsp demanded an update on Thaksin’s health on Monday, claiming that he had spent the previous month in Police General Hospital after being admitted almost immediately following his commitment to prison and beginning a one-year sentence there.

According to Ms. Paetongtarn, her household was thinking about asking Thaksin for pardon and was conscious of the Department of Corrections’ regulations.

When asked about a Lese Majeste case involving Thaksin, Ms. Paetongtarn replied that it was the result of mistake.

Thaksin would need to spend at least six months in prison, or until later February, before he could apply for probation, according to the Department of Corrections on Monday.

The ministry will also determine whether Thaksin requires ongoing medical care outside of captivity.

After spending 15 times in self-exile, Thaksin, 74, returned to Thailand on the morning of August 22. During his presence, he had been found guilty, given a sentence, and charged with new offenses.

The Supreme Court ordered him to get imprisoned for eight years for the three finalized situations on the same day. Yet, due to health reasons, he was transferred that same evening from Bangkok Remand Prison to Police General Hospital.

His sentence in prison was reduced by HM the King to one month and a half.