Mediacorp wins 47 awards at World Media Festivals, Television & Corporate Media Awards, including 19 golds

Mediacorp wins 47 awards at World Media Festivals, Television & Corporate Media Awards, including 19 golds

SINGAPORE: Mediacorp won 47 honors at the World Media Festivals Television &amp, Corporate Media Awards, including 19 golds. &nbsp,

The firm also took home two great prizes, one particular honor and 25 gold awards in Hamburg, Germany, it said in a media release on May 31. &nbsp,

The awards were given in acknowledgment of both crisis content and documentary and current affairs programming, among others, from CNA.

One of the great honours went to CNA Correspondent: Medicine and Misogyny&nbsp, for being the best passage in its class. The show also took metal in the News Reviews and Functions: Documentary category.

It is a part of the long-running CNA Correspondent current affairs collection and discusses the prevalence of sexism in medicine, which frequently leads to misdiagnoses or fatalities for adult patients. &nbsp,

CNA’s Journey of a Vaccine&nbsp, even received a platinum in the Films: COVID- 19 subjects group. It examines the procedures that health staff in Malaysia and the Philippines undergo to deliver vaccines to residents of mountainous, remote islands, and densely wooded areas. &nbsp,

Another notable winners included Next Madame: Sisters of the Night, which won the other major honor and gold in the category of Entertainment: Continuing Series and Sequential Programs. The Chinese woman Nozomi, who had been forced into trafficking in Malaya while working as a detective, is the subject of the crisis line.

Mediacorp also won three honors at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Awards, which honors innovation and excellence in projects that digitally advance the field of radio in fields like architecture and digitalization. &nbsp,

CNA’s Indonesia Election 2024 specific took the top place in the Life Event Streaming- Singapore category, while the fresh CNA FAST ( Free Ad- Recognized Streaming Television ) channel topped the New TV Channel- Singapore category. &nbsp,

Mediacorp’s Stranger in the Dark, one of the company’s primary plays to integrate online production technology, won in the Virtual Production- Singapore category. &nbsp,

” We are honoured that Mediacorp’s articles continues to be recognised globally”, said CEO Tham Loke Kheng. &nbsp,

The success of this year’s World Media Festivals Television &amp, Corporate Media Awards is a resounding endorsement of the passion and top-notch work that our production team and partners work day in and day out.