Man jailed, caned for molesting girlfriend’s 13-year-old daughter

Man jailed, caned for molesting girlfriend's 13-year-old daughter

SINGAPORE: A 34- yr- older man was on Wednesday ( May 15 ) sentenced to two years ‘ prison and three stroke of the wood for crimes including molesting his wife’s child.

The woman was 13 years old when the abuse took place in 2016 and the man was 26 years old. The criminal never been named in order to protect the murderer’s identity.

He admitted guilt on two unrelated traffic offenses and one count of using legal power to insult the girl’s modesty. Two additional charges were considered for punishment.

The girl’s mom and the offender’s family entered a partnership with the criminal in 2012, according to the court, and they now reside with him and his family. The child slept over at times while staying with her parents.

When the survivor stayed above, she would rest on the bedding that her mom and the offender typically shared. Between the child and the offender, the family would sleep.

In this lying structure, the three went to bed somewhere between October and November 2016. The woman noticed that her mother was snoring and had fallen asleep.

When she felt a effect on her knee, the child was lying over and using her telephone. She did n’t speak out because she believed her mother had unintentionally touched her.

She realized then that the side was abrasive and not her family. She tried to move away, but was molested.

According to the trial, the man believed the lady had fallen asleep when he sexually assaulted her.

The victim’s family was also sleep, but the woman did not dare to wake her up. She squatted to the edge of the bed and stayed connected with her mobile.

Later that night, but, the criminal molested her once. Scared, the lady got out of bed, sat in a corner of the room and did not go back to sleep.

About two months after this, the child told her mother what had happened.

” Her family, however, chose to stay with the accused because she loved him and refused to believe her,” the trial claimed.

The lady spoke to her mother about the incident, but she continued to include flashbacks and nightmares. She attempted to ignore them all.

She later made a police record more than four years later, in December 2020, after “her family gave her assent to perform so”, said the trial.

As part of his word for the transportation offenses, the man will also be prohibited from driving for two years after his release.