Japan police seek return of Singapore diplomat accused of filming teen at public bath

Japan police seek return of Singapore diplomat accused of filming teen at public bath

A minister has been questioned by Japan’s authorities over suspicions that he may have taken naked photos of a teenager while taking a public bathroom in Tokyo. &nbsp,

According to Chinese media information on Tuesday ( May 14), the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department made the request through Japan’s Foreign Ministry.

The 55-year-old original Singapore Embassy in Tokyo is alleged to have filmed a 13-year-old student in a sauna using a wireless phone, according to the Mainichi Shimbun. &nbsp,

A councilor is a political level for officials serving outside, such as in an embassy.

The investigation into possible law-related offenses involving the production of child pornography and the taking of physical images is being led by Tokyo police, according to the report. &nbsp,

CNA has contacted Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MFA ) for comment. &nbsp,


The man allegedly filmed the first-year middle school student in a public bathroom on February 27 using his cell phone to covertly picture her in the changing area. &nbsp,

Team members at the public shower in Tokyo’s Minato Ward called the police who, upon arriving, searched the official’s phone and found “multiple nude photos of female customers”, according to Asahi Shimbun.

The minister then reportedly declined to enter the police station and admitted to taking photos in various public baths. According to him, he claimed to include deleted about 700 of these pictures from his cellphone, which he claimed to have taken in the six months leading up to the event. &nbsp,

In a earlier speech, MFA claimed that it received a call from Chinese media outlets on May 1 regarding the allegations.

The allegations were made against one of the ministry’s soldiers, who was recently in charge of the Singapore Embassy in Tokyo.

The employee in question returned to Singapore in the middle of April 2024, according to the statement, noting that the officer had not given the government any information about the incident until he had been questioned about it.

Login stated that it anticipates that all of its employees would defend the “highest standards of conduct” and abide by the laws of their home nations.

The agent has been suspended from jobs to help in studies. &nbsp,

” We will work with the Chinese government and take the necessary activities.” If the alleged statistics support the allegations, we may be prepared to cancel diplomatic immunity, the department said on May 2.

According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a diplomat may get arrested. &nbsp,