Man admits breaking into vacant JCs in 2020 to steal wires, repair cost totalled S$1.24 million

Man admits breaking into vacant JCs in 2020 to steal wires, repair cost totalled S$1.24 million

In March 2020, the trio focused the former Tampines Jr College (TPJC) campus, which was also vacant.

They went to the college around 3. 40am, and Miah and Jan entered through a hole in the perimeter fencing that they had previously made.

They cut electrical cables from the compound plus loaded them straight into Tiwari’s van, prior to driving off.

The trio returned to the campus once again on Apr almost eight, 2020, after the “circuit breaker” was imposed by the Government because of the COVID-19 circumstance in Singapore. Non-essential activity was forbidden during the period.

They took a lot more electrical cables which includes those from the ceilings, the electrical raisers and the air dealing with unit room.

Tiwari later marketed 994kg of electrical cables to a recycler for S$3, 976, and another 773kg of cables towards the same shop for S$3, 976. He gave some of the money to the other two accomplices.

In mid-January 2020, there was an electrical trip at the guard room of the empty Jurong Junior College. A technician carried out a check on January 20, 2020 plus discovered that around 1, 000m of water piping wires worth S$20, 000 was missing from the college’s main consumer switch room.

The police was able to identify Jan through DNA analysis of saliva left on the bottle at Jurong Junior College, and traced Miah via Housing Board prevent police camera pictures.

Eyewitnesses spotted Tiwari’s vehicle outside of the theft locations as well as the police identified him from there.


The cost of repairs for the damage caused at Jurong Junior College was around S$400, 000, while it cost about S$840, 000 to repair the damage on Tampines Junior College. The total cost in order to reinstate the taken electrical cables in both campuses was S$1. 24 mil, said Deputy General public Prosecutor Ong Xin Jie.

He sought 34 months’ jail for Miah, saying significant harm was caused to property, with premeditation involved.

“Moreover, JJC and TPJC are properties possessed by MOE, ” said Mr Ong. “Public funds will have to be utilised to repair destruction caused. This is an painful factor. ”

The offences were committed under protect of darkness plus out of greed, for private gain, the prosecutor said. There were also many offences during about six months.

Jan has been sentenced in order to 34 months’ jail , while Tiwari was given 42 several weeks.  

Miah will return to courtroom to be sentenced on Dec 23.

In a May 2020 response to CNA’s queries on the wire thefts, MOE said it was aware of the particular incidents   in the former campuses associated with Tampines Junior University and Jurong Junior College, and had used contractors to provide maintenance and security services there.

Tampines Junior College provides merged with Meridian Junior College to become Tampines Meridian Junior College, moving into the former compound of Meridian Junior College, while Jurong Junior College  similarly merged along with Pioneer Junior College to form Jurong Master Junior College.