Maid jailed for transferring over S$41,000 to her own bank account from employer with dementia

Maid jailed for transferring over S$41,000 to her own bank account from employer with dementia

SINGAPORE: A maid used the information to obtain more than S 41,000 000 ( US$ 30, 500 ) in excess of what she was owed when given the banking information of her 82-year-old employer to credit her monthly salary to herself.

Indonesian woman Albertina Kallu, 46, was sentenced to 16 months in prison on Monday ( Feb 5 ). She admitted guilt to one matter of accessing computer files with the intent to violate a worker’s legal confidence.

The prosecutor was informed that Albertina was employed by a memory- and memory-lossing 82-year-old woman.

A salary of S$ 720 per month was paid to Albertina in money or via bank move.

The victim gave Albertina the details of her DBS bank accounts in April 2023.

She did this because she had bad vision and had faith in Albertina to transfer the money to her bank account.

The target and the victim’s sister shared ownership of the bank accounts. It was intended for everyday expenses and purchase benefits for the victim.

Albertina was given access to the funds in the bank accounts solely for the purpose of sending cheerful income transfers to herself.

But, she made numerous illegal outgoing transfers between April and October of last year that were greater than her salary payments.

S$ 954 was transferred second in April, therefore S$ 470 in May, and finally S$ 780 in June.

She raised the number to S$ 3, 780 in July before skyrocketing it toS$ 14, 780 % in August.

Finally, in September and October, she transferred to herself S$ 11, 280 and S$ 9, 282.

Albertina transferred S$ 41, 324 to herself from her employer’s accounts in excess of her pay in full.

She transferred the whole sum to her Indonesian bank accounts and spent it, including on the purchase of a home. There has n’t been any compensation.

The victim’s daughter looked over bank statements related to their account in October 2023 and found the crimes.

The lady was detained at the victim’s house that day after she reported it to the police.

Unauthorized access to computer equipment to undertake an offense carries a prison sentence of up to 10 times, repercussions of S$ 50, 000, or both.