Yang Hengjun: Australian writer given suspended death sentence in China

Yang Hengjun: Australian writer given suspended death sentence in China
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A Chinese prosecutor has suspended the death sentence of Australian-Chinese author Yang Hengjun five years after he was detained and charged with spying.

According to American officials, the sentence could be changed to life in prison after two years.

Dr. Yang, a researcher and writer who wrote blogs about Foreign affairs, refutes the accusations leveled against him.

According to Foreign Minister Penny Wong, the American government, which has long called for his discharge, is “appalled” by the choice.

Dr. Yang, an Australian researcher and writer who previously worked for China’s Ministry of State Security, wrote blogs about Chinese interests. Although he was known as the “democracy peddler,” his writings frequently refrained from making immediate critiques of the authorities.

The 57-year-old was detained at the airports in Guangzhou in January 2019 and charged with spying. Since then, his case has largely developed behind closed doors, including a covert test in 2021.

American officials have previously expressed concern, but the foreign ministry of China has cautioned them to respect the country’s” criminal sovereignty” and not get involved in the situation.

According to Dr. Yang’s home, he has endured “more than 300 interviews” and” six months of intense abuse” while in custody.

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