LTA enforcement officer dies in bike chase along SLE, 18-year-old motorcyclist arrested

LTA enforcement officer dies in bike chase along SLE, 18-year-old motorcyclist arrested

SINGAPORE: A Land Transport Authority ( LTA ) enforcement  Officer was killed early on Tuesday ( Jun 4 ) when he chased a motorcyclist who was frightened of a car.

In response to CNA’s questions, the authorities said they were alerted to the crash involving a motorcycle, two vehicles and a vehicle on SLE towards Bukit Timah Expressway, near the Tampines Expressway return, at about 10. 40am.

” An Invoice police agent, who was riding the bike, was conveyed to the doctor where he eventually passed away,” said the policeman.

An 18-year-old person, believed to be the horse the official was pursuing before the accident, was arrested for various offences: Failing to stop when ordered by an approved officer, unsafe driving, riding without a true licence and insurance coverage, possession of scheduled weapons, and suspected drug-related activities.

The police agent was identified as Mr. Zdulfika Ahakasah, according to LTA.

The passing of LTA police agent Mr. Zdulfika Ahakasah in a dangerous accident this morning leaves the Land Transport Authority in a “deep sadness.” He is a valued part of our protection staff,” LTA said in response to CNA’s questions.

On the side of the road back, Mr. Zdulfika is almost at a stop next to the motorcyclist, according to video footage of the incident on social media.

However, the motorist abruptly accelerates and veers right in the direction of the road leave. Mr Zdulfika gives fight, but collapses into a street wall.

LTA stated that it is working with the customers police to” completely investigate the incident and prosecute the motorist involved.”

In order to express our apologies and complete support to his family during this difficult period, it said.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Daniel Tan, the head of traffic police, described the tragic death of a other law enforcement official who had lost his life while carrying out his duties to keep our streets safe.

The police will thoroughly check this issue and make sure those responsible are held accountable for breaking the law. “