What a third term for India’s Modi means for the world

What a third term for India's Modi means for the world


Modi referred to New Delhi as” a powerful and significant tone of the Global South,” and last year, India hosted two” Voice of the International South” conferences as it aimed to strengthen its position as a representative of Asian, Egyptian, and South American nations.

Under Modi’s leadership, the African Union union became a permanent part of the G20, with India arguing that developing countries need to have greater influence over international decisions.

India is a founding member of the BRICS group of emerging markets.


Moscow and New Delhi have relations that date back to the Cold War, and Russia is still largely India’s biggest hands exporter.

New Delhi has abstained from UN proposals censuring Moscow, abstained from obvious criticism of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and seized cut-price Russian crude oil supplies.

Modi in March congratulated President Vladimir Putin on his re- poll, adding he was looking forward to developing their” specific” relationship.


Since accusing Islamabad of cross-border violence, Modi’s state has refused to engage with its former rival, Pakistan.

Since 1947, when the two countries were separated after being split, they have engaged in three war and several smaller conflicts. At the heart of hostilities has been command of disputed Kashmir.

Modi made a surprise visit to Lahore, Pakistan in 2015, but relations between the two fell in 2019.

In a rare example of kindness between the rulers of the nuclear-armed neighbors, Modi congratulated his Muslim rival Shehbaz Sharif on his return to the top office in March.