Local halal industry gets a boost

Local halal industry gets a boost

Regional gateway programs make development

Local halal industry gets a boost

According to Minister of Industry Pimpatra Wichaikul, the Thai kosher sector is ready to promote the region as a muslim gateway.

Ms. Pimpatra, who presided over the starting meeting of the Halal Industry Center hall at THAIFEX- Anuga Asia 2024, stated that the government is eager for Thailand to become the region’s center through the National Halal Industry Committee and the Halal Industry Center.

More than 200 million baht is likely to be in the mix as a result of negotiations with companies that hold connections during the May 28 to June 1 function. After this, the government, she said, will stimulate the growth of exports to possible markets around the world.

Halal items have a large and growing business, and it continues to grow. The worldwide market for halal items is valued at more than US$ 2.3 trillion and is expected to increase to$ 2.8 trillion by 2025, covering a broad range of products and services, including food, cosmetics, fashion, and hospitality, she said.

With 63 % of the total market value, the food and beverage team has the most shares. The world kosher food industry is valued at US$ 1.4 trillion, which is expected to increase within five decades, expanding in line with increases in the nation’s Muslim community.

According to Ms. Pimpatra,” Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin wants to promote kosher as a significant business in the nation.”

He had designated the Ministry of Industry as the primary force behind the program.

To provide a framework for the Thai Halal Industry Center’s habitat, the ministry established one. Its goals are to raise the bar for technological innovation in production, place emphasis on creating new products, and increase kosher product standards. It would also encourage business in the muslim business domestically and internationally, she said.

Second, she claimed that the ministry has” created awareness of the potential of the Thai halal industry” both domestically and internationally through international exhibitions like the Malaysia International Halal Showcase ( MIHAS ) and THAIFEX- Anuga Asia 2024.

In a final statement, Ms. Pimpatra claimed that the government promoted” business promotion and the expansion of international trade markets” through discussions and the signing of cooperation agreements or MOUs between bilateral and multilateral countries.

She stated that the government wants to expand the muslim goods and services sector to Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Pimpatra: Highlights possible industry