Khon Kaen expects boost from longer-stay visas

Khon Kaen expects boost from longer-stay visas

Khon Kaen expects boost from longer-stay visas
Travelers at Khon Kaen airport ( photo: Chakkarapan Natanri )

The Khon Kaen province’s private sector is convinced that the 60-day visa extension measure, productive this month, may boost tourism and the economy.

The Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce’s honor chair, Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce’s honor chair, Khemchat Somjaiwong, claimed on Monday that nearby companies had been good about the cabinet’s decision to approve it last week.

This measure, which followed the administration’s efforts to promote the overall market, especially the tourism and hospitality sectors, will expand card lengths from 30 to 60 days for native of 93 nations, an increase from the previous 57 countries.

According to Mr. Khemchat, the number of travelers who are ready for visa on arrival has also been increased, and this group has also received a card improvement.

Digital nomad, who can work electronically anywhere in the country, have also seen their visas extended from 60 days to five years, with each access allowing a remain of up to 180 days.

International students may also gain from the new regulations, which allow them to stay in Thailand for an extra month after graduating. The administration’s efforts are to enhance the overall market, particularly in terms of daily consumption per person.

According to Mr Khemchat, Khon Kaen has seen an influx of foreign tourists for holidays, events, health services and training.

In this regard, the Bank of Thailand and the Bank of the Lao PDR have partnered to allow cross-border payments through Thai and Chinese commercial banks, aiming to keep cash and freedom for travelers.

According to Mr. Khemchat, increasing the saving in the state will likely result in higher spending, which will benefit local economies and businesses.

The private sector in Khon Kaen is working with the Thai Chamber of Commerce and other organizations to persuade Thai and international flights to acquire opening international flights linking short-distance roads, World Heritage locations, or the East-West Economic Corridor.

He claimed that Khon Kaen International Airport is then prepared to support the expanding number of tourists and help international flights.