TAT wants large dino theme park

TAT wants large dino theme park

TAT wants large dino theme park

The tourism authority of Thailand ( TAT ) suggested the construction of a dinosaur theme park in Khon Kaen to boost tourism and bring in money for the northeastern region.

Since Thailand has places of geographical value, such as the Phu Wiang Dinosaur Footprint in Khon Kaen and reptile remains in Kalasin, Seksan Sripraiwa, chairman of the Khon Kaen TAT business, pleaded with the government to work with the private sector to create such a park on Monday.

” We need to build a large theme park, as large as Disneyland, with the simulation from the Jurassic World film. Such a tourist attraction would provide locals with a lot of income, he claimed.

He claimed that TAT recently established partnerships with international schools in Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, and Nakhon Ratchasima to organize educational field trips for students that are dinosaur-themed.

He said the activities proved successful, and TAT is trying to work with schools in Bangkok and other provinces.

He suggested that the government build roads and use public transportation to facilitate tourism and link the airport to the dinosaur tour route.

Following a report that Jurassic World 4 will be filmed in Thailand’s southern provinces of Krabi and Trang, Somradee Chitchong, deputy governor of TAT’s domestic market, said TAT is working with Major Cineplex to start a dinosaur-themed tour route from mid-June through mid-July.

The release of major motion pictures like Jurassic World 4 in Thailand is a positive step forward for the country’s tourism sector, she said, adding that both Thai and foreign tourists will follow filming locations, especially those who are dinosaur-loving.

Aman Madadam, director of the Krabi provincial TAT office, said the film’s production will help enhance tourism in the province, increasing hotel reservations, employment, and shopping. At least 100 million baht in revenue is anticipated to be generated by this.