Hospital chief admits slapping and stripping smoking teen

Hospital chief admits slapping and stripping smoking teen

Dr. Rienthong Nanna, a widely known expert, defends using severe punishment and promises to combat any accusations.

Hospital chief admits slapping and stripping smoking teen
The vocal director of Mongkutwattana Hospital, Maj Gen. Dr. Rianthong Nanna, is once more in the news for slapping a 14-year-old boy’s face and forcing him to leave the hospital in a suit as reprimand for using a room. ( File photo )

A prosecutor has asked the authorities to bring charges against Maj Gen. Dr. Rienthong Nanna, the vocal chairman of Mongkutwattana Hospital, who admitted to slapping a 14-year-old boy’s face and forcing him to leave the hospital dressed as a punishment for cigarettes in a restroom.

Lawyer Ratchaphon Sirisakhon traveled to Bangkok on Wednesday to take the child and his family Kanlaya to a statement to be made available to police in the Thung Song Hong place following a Monday night event.

On Monday, around 10:30 p.m., the girl was found smoking in a first-floor bathrooms for the outpatient department in Building 3.

When the child emerged, he claimed to have seen a group of hospital employees standing in front of the room. He was taken to the hospital entrance where he was required to pay a 5,000-baht good for cigarettes.

Finally, a staff member seized his cell phone, kept it at the cashier’s desk, and told him to wait for the medical chairman.

The son said that a person, identified afterwards as Dr Rienthong, walked towards him and asked why he had smoked in the hospital. The person slapped him in the face four days before crying after asking the question.

The child was finally repeatedly kicked in the face and kneed to his left eye by Dr. Rienthong. After that, he instructed the girl to remove his clothing and leave the hospital unclothed.

The child claimed that he needed assistance from a stranger to use a cellular phone to call a comparative to pick him up when he arrived at Chaeng Watthana Soi 12.

The lawyer requested that the police look into five crimes the hospital chief committed against the boy: real assault that caused emotional harm, embezzlement, coercing another person to do something or not do it, causing the person to worry for their safety, improper detention, and immoral acts.

He claimed that because the former refused to hold discussions, he had not spoken to Dr. Rienthong about the incident.

The boy’s mom said she apologised for her father’s actions for smoking in the bathrooms. Nevertheless, she called the sentence he endured absurd.

” My son might not be a good person,” he said. What he did was wrong, I accept that. But what you ( Dr Rienthong ) did, you have to accept it too”, said Ms Kanlaya.

The hospital’s young patient admitted that he had no idea how harmful tobacco was. He refuted claims that he eventually organized a group of motorcyclists to start a fight in the hospital following the incident.

He claimed that he sought assistance from locals to get in touch with his family to arrange to pick him up. Later that night, his mother took a car to the hospital, according to the child.

On Wednesday, Dr Rienthong said he would increase the good for cigarettes in his medical from 5, 000 ringgit to 500, 000 baht.

In line with his well-known views about cultural criminals, he claimed that Mongkutwattana Hospital was a “wayward people-free” area and also a” smoke-free” area.

Because he wanted the teen to understand the repercussions of his actions, the medical director admitted to slapping and beating him, and gave him a warning to come off.

The child’s mother had come and get his mobile phone and clothes without having to pay a good, he continued. Both of his items were at the doctor.

If the child’s home wanted to bring legal action against him, Dr. Rienthong also vowed to fight the situation.

An vocal ultraroyalist, Dr Rianthong is no stranger to controversy. He founded a group called the Rubbish Collection Organisation a decade ago, promising that its supporters had record along suspected lese-majeste offenders.

He has also gained notoriety for his plan to rid his medical of anyone who disagrees with his opinions.

After declaring he would need that new hires give him access to their social media accounts, he was accused of bias in the workplace in 2020.

In a defamation case brought against him by Sira Jenjaka, a previous Palang Pracharath Party MP for Bangkok, last season, he was given a suspended jail term and a fine of 200, 000 baht.

The doctor’s problem stemmed from a crude Instagram post in which he claimed Mr. Sira had obstructed the function of a field hospital treating Covid- 19 patients.