Is leadership succession on the cards for Malaysia’s PAS as chief Abdul Hadi’s ill health lingers?

Is leadership succession on the cards for Malaysia’s PAS as chief Abdul Hadi’s ill health lingers?

KUALA TERENGGANU: Reports of Parti Islam Se- Malaysia ( PAS ) president Abdul Hadi Awang ‘s&nbsp, continuing ill health have triggered speculation over a potential successor for the top position of Malaysia’s Islamist party. &nbsp,

Two rising political figures, one a spiritual legacy candidate and the other a liberal professional, have emerged as the main contenders to replace the 76-year-old. &nbsp,

The variations between Dr. Muhammad Khalil, Dr. Muhammad Samsuri, and Dr. Muhammad Khalil, Dr. Muhammad Khalil’s brother, Dr. Muhammad Samsuri, as well as their opposing ideologies, which are representative of the two camps, have caught the attention of observers and raised questions about the party’s potential way, as well as whether any possible infighting may prevent a smooth transition. &nbsp,

According to social experts, CNA believes PAS might quickly consider succession. The stakes are high for whoever emerges as the party’s strongest place since it has won the most popular vote since its stellar performance in the 2023 state primaries.

It might be time for the party to start a leadership change in the framework of PAS with the concerns over the health of the party president, according to Associate Professor Yusri Ibrahim, main researcher at the think-tank Ilham Centre. &nbsp,

The issue is that at the moment, it is unclear who has the best leadership talent to get over, he added. &nbsp,


At a pivotal point in its history, PAS is. &nbsp,

Since it was founded in the 1950s, the group is probably at its strongest level. After winning the 2022 general election, it currently holds the most seats in the federal legislature, more than Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat ( PKR ) and the country’s historically dominant party, the United Malays National Organization ( UMNO ). &nbsp,

However, the opposition parties Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia ( PPP ) and PAS did not find enough seats and support to form the government, so they are now in the opposition.

According to research, PAS ‘ effect is expected to grow as the organization expands its reach in areas where Malay Muslims make up the majority while expanding its reach in urban areas, as evidenced by the state’s election of 2023, where it won 105 of the 127 seats it contested. &nbsp,

New reports of the latest leader’s continuing poor health have fueled speculation about who might lead the party through this time of potential growth. &nbsp,

Mr. Abdul Hadi experienced shortness of breath at the&nbsp, National Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur, two years ago. &nbsp,

More recently, he was once more referred for an unknown disease in his household state of Terengganu in July 2023. His situation was already of enough issue at the time, so Dr. Muhammad Khalil wrote a statement urging all concerned people to pray for their father’s health.

On January 1st, Mr. Awang was once more taken into the National Heart Institute with an unnamed disease. He was apparently discharged in February. &nbsp, &nbsp,

The PAS government’s seats at the front of the opposition chair was glaringly clear when Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, who had just been installed, delivered his maiden speech in the lower house at the end of February. &nbsp,

The latest PAS commander was spotted in a chair at the PN’s elected lawmakers agreement in Kuala Lumpur in earlier March. The Marang Member of Parliament ( MP ) needed assistance for some of the program’s parts, including a photo shoot, according to local media reports.


Mr Abdul Hadi’s eldest brother, Dr Muhammad Khalil, is a member of the party’s core committee, a former children key, and a possible leader to his family’s place. &nbsp,

According to analysts, the 47-year-old has been reportedly vying for important roles and that there is interest in him. &nbsp,