Police form new “special” monkey unit

Police form new "special" monkey unit

Plans to address the marsupial danger are being made by Lop Buri.

Police form new 'special' monkey unit
On Wednesday, a Tha Hin police in Lop Buri’s Muang district keeps an eye on hostile macaque monkeys that bother locals and tourists. He has a hammer to use against the animals. ( Photo: Tha Hin police station )

Lop Buri: A exclusive police force has been established to get aggressive monkey monkeys that trouble residents of this Central Plains state.

Pol Maj Gen Apirak Vetkanchana, commander of the Lop Buri Provincial Police, instructed Pol Col Kantaphon Wanna, the director of Tha Hin Police, to set up a monkey reduction system, which began functions on Monday.

Slingshots for officers officials to use against violent monkeys was approved by Pol Maj Gen Apirak.

Earlier, police were shooting primates with tranquilizers, but it takes at least five moments for the animals to be sedated. By that time, they may escape to various places, including reaching the top of properties, which could present a danger to people.

Local residents gave good feedback on the first day of the activity.

The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry made the decision after the Ministry of Interior and Environment agreed to pay compensation to victims of lemurs ‘ attacks in Lop Buri, which has seen at least three serious circumstances this month.

More than 10 Wildlife Conservation Office 1 in Saraburi have been dispatched to deal with the chimpanzees that have been snatching things from visitors near the Provincial Agriculture and Cooperatives Office on Ratchadamnoen Road in tambon Tha Hin. Nine monkeys were trapped in the area on Monday and seven more were trapped by authorities, who spread bars across the region.

Sutthipong Kaemtubtim, animals protection chairman, said 18 chimpanzees which had been caught were taken to a wildlife center in Saraburi for a wellbeing check.

After that, they will be transferred back to Lop Buri for about two weeks in a appropriate location.

The Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Plant Conservation ( DNP ) is seeking a solution for the monkey problem, such as keeping them in a zoo.

DNP officers on Wednesday&nbsp, even placed bars on Ratchadamnoen Road and captured five more primates.

People of Lop Buri have been having trouble with monkeys for a number of years, according to a recent study that found that there were 5, 709 exotic residents of the state in 2023. The Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act protects the lemurs.