India hunts Kashmir militants after Hindu pilgrim attack

India hunts Kashmir militants after Hindu pilgrim attack

The government reported that on Monday ( Jun 10 ), soldiers in India-administrated Kashmir carried out a massive manhunt a day after nine Hindu pilgrims were killed in one of the most recent civilian casualties.

Gunmen in Kashmir ambushed the vehicle packed with Hindu pilgrims celebrating a visit to a well-known temple about an hour before Hindu-nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn in for a second name in the investment New Delhi on Sunday night.

According to American media reports, the intruders opened fire on the bus, killing ten people and leaving one child dead.

The vehicle then swerved off the mountain route into a valley, with lots injured.

In the north of the contested place, soldiers and police searched the Reasi region.

Kashmir’s leading political national Manoj Sinha said the mutual “operation is in development to neutralise the perpetrators” who carried out the assault, announcing US$ 12, 000 in compensation for each of the families of those killed.

Amit Shah, the former interior minister in the previous government and one of the leaders who took the oath of office soon after Modi, warned that the gunmen do” face the wrath of the law.”


Since 1947, India and Pakistan have been tasked with claiming all of Kashmir’s high-altitude province.

Since 1989, insurgent groups have been waging an insurrection to demand Pakistan’s separation.

The fight has left tens of thousands of citizens, troops, and rebels useless.

Violence and pro- India demonstrations have greatly fallen since 2019, when Modi’s authorities cancelled the country’s limited autonomy.

In a post on social media, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi claimed that the attack” terrible” and that it” showed the true state of Jammu and Kashmir’s worrying safety situation.

The perpetrators of this reckless attack will not be spared, Shah declared on social media later on Sunday.