India election 2024: Modi heading for reduced majority, early results show

India election 2024: Modi heading for reduced majority, early results show

Simon Fraser,Asia online editor, London

Getty Images A cardboard cut-out of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi during vote counting for the national elections in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday, June 4, 2024.Getty Images

The general election vote count for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ally is easily onward, but earlier results indicate that it is far behind the disaster exit polls for the alliance.

Mr Modi’s BJP- led ally is leading in more than 290 of 543 chairs up for grabs. More than 220 allied opposition events are represented by the Congress and other events.

The powerful opposition showing so far has surprised many spectators.

The BJP-led NDA ally was predicted to have a very bulk in a number of weekend exit polls, which would allow it to amend the constitution.

Mr Modi, eyeing a traditional second subsequent term in office, had set a goal of 370 tickets for the BJP and 400 tickets for his empire.

However, the BJP might not even receive the 272 votes on its own that are required for a lot in the lower house of parliament if early styles are confirmed by last results expected afterwards on Tuesday.

This would be a big surprise because many people saw the election as a referendum on Mr. Modi’s decade in business, during which he has altered many aspects of life in India.

At Congress office, group workers have been celebrating the first results. The fact that there has n’t been a runaway result for the governing alliance has been demonstrated by the Indian markets ‘ jitters, which have fallen by more than 2 %.

EPA Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters celebrate as they watch election election results on a television screen at BJP headquarters in Bangalore, India, 04 June 2024. EPA

However, experts warn that there may be significant changes in the electronic voting machines ‘ matter over the coming days.

An average 66 % of voters took part in the election, official figures showed. With almost a billion registered voters, or one in eight of the world’s population, it was the largest for training the world had ever seen.

Due to security and operational concerns, ballot was schedulered over seven rounds between April 19 and June 1. The election was largely conducted in serious and fatal heat as the temperature soared to almost 50C in some parts of India.

Getty Images Congress supporters celebrate in DelhiGetty Images

The primary minister denies that he was being divisive when rivals accused him of demonizing Muslims, and the BJP and its rivals engaged in a brutal- at times vituperative- campaign.

Mr. Modi visited the nation, praising his accomplishments in places like promoting welfare programs and raising India’s report internationally.

Opposition parties raised concerns that legal changes could make the underprivileged less secure and that great employment, especially for young people, is a problem. They even promised to stop India’s” drop into autocracy”.

Delhi’s general secretary Arvind Kejriwal was taken into custody on fraud costs in April but quickly released after that time to allow him to campaign. In recent years, several opposition leaders and federal critics have been jailed.