In full: Leadership transition – exchange of letters between President Tharman, PM Lee and DPM Wong

In full: Leadership transition - exchange of letters between President Tharman, PM Lee and DPM Wong

Mr Tharman’s text to Mr Lee:

Dear Prime Minister,

Thank you for your letter letting me know that your state and you will withdraw on May 15, 2024. According to your guidance, Mr. Lawrence Wong is the Member of Parliament who commands the majority of the people ‘ approval. On May 15, 2024, I’ll elect him to be the next prime minister and ask him to join me.

On behalf of all Singaporeans, I thank you for your four generations of noble company in state, including 20 times as our Prime Minister. You created a more diverse and vibrant business. You improved Singaporeans ‘ lives across all social classes, improved our social safety nets, and created new opportunities for Singaporeans. You transformed our existing culture, and set us on a journey towards environment conservation. And you’ve given Singapore a strong words in the world, one that is united in principle and dedicated to the advancement of the international law.

Your career as excellent minister was shaped by the world’s problems, particularly the COVID-19 crisis and the 2008 Financial Crisis. You kept our folks united while giving them the strength to face each issue. You helped a country come out stronger and more resilient than it did with its own.

Your approach to governance has always been to recognize differences, find ways to tunnel them, and develop the common earth. Nowadays, Singapore stands as an empty yet unified society, even as world trends have moved then. You also ensured a clean and orderly transition of political authority by spending years guiding the next generation of leaders.

Your sense of duty and morality, wisdom and compassion, have set a great normal, and will encourage those who follow.

I’ve been informed that Lawrence Wong intends to nominate you as a top minister. Your insights and suggestions will surely help the new leadership team as they move forward with our past and create a better Singapore.