Gan Kim Yong to become DPM in Singapore Cabinet changes

Gan Kim Yong to become DPM in Singapore Cabinet changes

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Among other campaigns, Ms Low Yen Ling may be promoted to Senior Minister of State in the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. She’ll also serve as South West District’s president.

The position of Senior Minister of State may be held by Mr. Desmond Tan. He will continue in the Prime Minister’s Office ( PMO ) and the National Trades Union Congress.

Rahayu Mahzam may ascend to the position of Minister of State and assume a new position with the Ministry of Communications and Information.

Ms. Rahayu may remain working for the Ministry of Health, but she will resign from that position.

After resuming his post as the government’s president, Lee Hsien Loong, the current prime minister, has been announced. Mr Lee may be as chairman of the Research, Innovation and Enterprise Council.

The Ministry of Law and Transportation may appoint Mr. Pillai as its minister of state.

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education will appoint Mr. Huang as their Top Parliamentary Secretary.

On May 15, these sessions will also be made.

With the exception of Mr. Pillai, who will be appointed and sworn in on July 1, the visit buyers may become sworn in on the same time.

On May 15, the Top Parliamentary Secretary will be sworn in and sworn in on May 24.

The Ministry of Digital Development and Information may get renamed the Ministry of Digital Development and Information from July 8 in a new name that was announced on Monday.

The new title reflects the commission’s role in driving Singapore’s national modern plan, PMO said. &nbsp,

Data policy and strategy, media growth, and open communications efforts will all be under the control of the ministry.

Two weeks after Mr. Wong’s appointment as the head of PAP’s 4G team, the case was reshuffled in June 2022.

Mr Wong may be sworn in at 8pm on Wednesday at the Istana, making him Singapore’s third Prime Minister. He will succeed Mr. Lee, who will step down as the government’s president after 20 years. &nbsp,

Mr. Wong predicted that more cupboard changes will probably only occur after Singapore’s upcoming General Election, which may occur by November 2025.